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    I\'ve not played warhammer since the very old 3rd edition hardback book version. I saw the 4th edition released and then that was it until more recently for me! Now I\'ve not really thrown myself into GW since my rather half hearted return, but wondered what happened to the variety and colour of the warhammer world? I don\'t mean all the fantasy races as such (though we have lost forever races such as Fimir, gnomes and hobgoblins) but what about the human elements? It appears that we have the choice of the Germanic style Empire or the French/Arthurian style Bretonnians. What about the viking style Norse, arabs from Araby or the Nipponese? Just look back through the old bestiary or world sections of 3rd edtion WHFB and check out all the colourful races of the game world. Wouldn\'t it be nice to see that kind of diversty again? I\'m sure GW would make a pretty penny off the back of such ranges. :bouncy:

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    Default uhmmm someday

    in games workshop ever expanding quest of making new models, forgeting to make old ones, and making new half assed armies, forsaking troops in others that have never had a figure, you might be able to find some flavour for your army in the dogs of war book in which GW rampantly raided history for various unit types and looks. if they ever finish a kislev force you will have your frost arabs so to speak but also they are making the undead egyptian guys whos figures have been on tour at various events. viking style norse i relate to the chaos marauders who were basically made as cannon fodder to protect the chaos warriors and bolster out there army with no presence of daemons. then again with the dwarves in shambles, and tons of various human elf and duff factions like kislev, tiranoc, whatever that need some more special attention hopefully theyll stop mucking with new races and finsish and finalzie the ones they have.

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    Yeah, I think that GW in general should stop constantly trying to reinvent their games and models. Just because a set of models or a particular game has been on the shelves for two years doesn\'t mean that we as collectors and gamers are sick of it and want something new! I know that new models sell really well initially and then sales drop off somewhat as buyers latch onto something new, but people are still going to buy the older stuff if it\'s available. New people will find something in last years big release that is now long forgotten by the hordes of pre-teens!

    Come back 3rd edition all is forgiven!:(

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