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    I wasn't sure if there was something like this already, but I wanted to try and compile some rules for the wave 2 stuff that we've seen so far. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, or to add anything to this thread. I got this info from the newest video that was posted, and it may or may not be totally correct. Hopefully Ted, or someone from CMoN would be kind enough to post stats for some of the new stuff.

    M3 Boss DP:3 Rivet:1 Heavy Armor Health:2? Movement:2?
    Attacks:1 Range:2 2/2/2/?/? (light,medium,heave,etc) Can make 2 attacks but then it can't move

    Vertical Tank DP:3 Rivet:1 Medium Armor Health:2 Movement:2
    Attacks:? Range:3 ?/?/?/?/?

    Lt. Edwina Brasseldun DP:3? Rivet:1 ?Armor Health:2? Movement:?
    Attacks:1 Range:2? 1/?/3/?/? During deployment she and any unit in her square can "tunnel". During your next deployment you may place them anywhere on the board, roll for deviation after deploying.

    Lanskrieger DP:3 Rivet:1 Heavy Armor Health:2? Movement:2
    Attacks:? (never made an attack in the vid)

    Doomewheel DP:2 Rivet:0 Medium Armor Health:1 Movement:2
    Attacks:1? Range:2 1/2/3/?/?

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    Awesome job @Joshuar56! I was just thinking we needed some new stats to mull over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFGamer View Post
    Awesome job @Joshuar56! I was just thinking we needed some new stats to mull over.
    They also used cruel mini, but there wasnt much info cause it was late and he didn't get used much. He has some type of ability to sacrifice troops to either heal or negate damage. It sounded like a heal. The only other info was that it sounded like he has a range 2 attack that gets 3 dice against light armor.

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    Do we know anything about retail release? Maybe even a schedule when non-kickstarters will be able to get this. I bought eastern front at Templecon 2014 but I am afraid I missed out on the Kickstarter. Would've been SOOO WORTH IT! I'm so mad I missed out.

    Wondering how long I have to wait for all the cool stuff.

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    Yeah I bought Blitzkreig x3 and lots of extras but still wish I had bought more.

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