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    Red face Steam Crow's Painted Rivets

    I've been watching a bunch of films about WWI, which influenced me to make my Rivets nice and dirty-like.

    I figure that this unit has been woefully underfunded; when new soldiers arrive, they just hand them used helmets and equipment... and it's all shoddy. Nobody has time to clean this gear, and there's really no reason anyway.

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    I'm not an expert painter, but I tried my best. I have to admit, this has been a big project!

    Name:  IMG_4213.jpg
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    The more I painted these guys, the dirtier they got.

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    I carved in bullet holes, chips, and other damage into some of these troopers.

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    I had a mishap with a wash that I put on in the end; it ended up creating this chalky residue where it pooled. I tried to remove it, but you can see it in some spots.

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    These cycles were a big challenge for me to paint. Though I've been painting for years and years, I'm not terribly skilled. (Should be much better since I started in the 80's.) But, these are for tabletop fun, seen at a distance of 2 feet - so that's just fine.

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    The damn dirty rogues! The lighting in our game room isn't this bright, so I had to exaggerate just a little.

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    I debated whether or not to texture the bases, but I'm glad that I did so that they blended in with the trench table a bit better. Used the same paints for the earth.

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    Here you can see my very simple Triumphant Arch. I was in a huge hurry, so I didn't really make it very fancy. I did know that I was doing it so that I could put my Uncle Rivet and Blightun Uber Allies posters on it... so I kept it simple.

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    I like the old black and white photo approach.

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    The reverse side has Blight posters. I figure that they've been fighting over this landmark for the last decade, tagging it with posters when they win it (briefly).

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    More photos for scale. I built the arch before I ever illustrated any of these posters.

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    A souvenir photograph to send back home to Ma.

    Name:  IMG_4311.jpg
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    Thanks for looking! Now, onto the Blightun so I can play this dang game!

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention a big "thank you" for everyone sharing painting tips and photos here on the forum. I discovered the rust wash from a tip here, which I really enjoyed using.
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    Really awesome army. I would say you are quite the good painter. I really like the color on the two commanders, it makes there really stand out from the rest of the army (and look like pomps for being so clean).

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    Great at stuff steam crow, you have that thousand yard stare off to a T!

    Btw, where did you get the propaganda posters from, planning on making my own 3d board and buildings in the future they would be brilliant to add a little atmosphere!

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. It seems like painting this many figures all at once is really an exercise of patience. But, I knew if I painted each one individually, they wouldn't look like a core set.

    Bulldoguk - I illustrated the posters myself. (I draw/create odd things for a living.) There could be an announcement soon about the posters.
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    Thanks for the encouragement Steamcrow. As an average painter I wanted to post my stuff to get more people painting than just the elite. I found that I had to slow down and go one figure at a time as I was nt happy with my early stuff. I should post next weekend. Then you all can critic me!

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    holy..... these look awesome. really like what I saw. thanks

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    Lovely work Steam Crow! Great photos too! I almost dig the B&W more than the color!

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    Finally, I got my Treasure Hunter finished.

    I paint these with an admittedly heavy hand (and heavy black outlining) but I find that they look better on the battlefield this way.

    I'm always sad how they look as a giant close-up jpg... but it makes me admire other's paint jobs (that DO look good photographed).

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    Nice treasure hunter. I personally like the black outline, makes it look kinda cell shaded like Borderlands or a cartoon.

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    These are all great. I like the black outline too. What did you use to do the outline?

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    I just use a micron .005 fineline marker to line most of my models.

    Again, it looks garish on a big photo of a tiny mini; looks really good in real life. (At least to my bleary eyes.)
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    I also dig the look. Even in the up close photo. It's neat!

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