Anybody want a Crossover with Arcadia Quest?
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Thread: Anybody want a Crossover with Arcadia Quest?

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    Default Anybody want a Crossover with Arcadia Quest?

    As the title suggests, trying to see if people would be interested in a Arcadia Quest crossover? Maybe some of the ringers showing up in AQ, almost any of them. Or would you rather see some of the heroes from AQ as a ringer for KB?

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    sure it would be cool, but SDE and Arcadia are created by two completely different companies. Highly unlikely.

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    That is true about SDE, but that is not what I am asking here. AQ and Kaosball are both designed by Eric Lang and crew at Spaghetti Western Games with both of them being KS by CMON I thought it might fit to see some new ringers or new heroes.

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    Well I'd just like an update from CMoN telling us that KB is on its way. So I can at least play KB before I start committing my time & money to another CMoN money-spinner.

    I'm not fussed with cross-overs, just give me the damn game already.

    I do like the look of AQ however, but I going to pull my pledge from it if I don't here something from CMoN in the next week or so.

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