I went out and bought a pair of tool boxes from Lowes home improvement stores for my models and game boards.If I remember right, they're both Kobalt tool boxes. I wanted them to look like first aid boxes like you'd find in resident evil or something, so these looked good. I painted them white with Krylon plastic paint since everything else scrapes off too easily. One was wide enough for the tiles, and had little boxes that I removed, the other is filled with little trays for markers on one level and larger trays for zombies on the bottom. We can remove them if we need, and there's still a bit more room for more zombies!

The boxes are covered in serious stickers on the outside and my favorite funny pics on the inside of the box. I used sticky labels from Office depot and printed stuff that I made or found on the internet and stuck them on.

Then I found a good mixture of paint to cover the boxes in bloody hand prints, and a bit of dark grey spray paint on the corners and bottoms to give it a weathered look. Finally sprayed with a clear lacquer paint to protect everything. I might try to find some rusty colors for corners lately to make it look metal and rusty, but for now I just want to get some more games in! I hope you enjoy. Not complicated, but a great way to store and carry the game from place to place...

I appreciate all the compliments. I love my boxes. I made a similar chest style box for Muchnkin and I'm gonna move onto something for all my Descent game boxes soon.