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    Default check your FLGS.

    Before anyone else overspends on one of these, check your local store. I was in to one of mine today to introduce a new player to the game and they had some at 10 dollars. I picked up a couple for some friends of mine.

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    Likely to get stung a minimum of £25 import on that big box if you drop unlucky though Hithero, customs seem to be pretty wick with US imports too. I always seem to be a little luckier with Chinese imports however, when I used to import my airsoft gear from a friend in HK nearly everything got through without a hitch, even a 14kg 5 foot long box containing a Barrett M82a1, marked '$5 value'! No doubt I'm now on 'the mans' list however :P

    Crazyjuan, sigh, your right but oh for the luxury of a local games store, sod all near me, have to buy EVERYTHING online now, even my modelling materials since the local model shop closed

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    My condolences. I wish ya luck.
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