Burn those books! - John Campbell is sick of emails
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Thread: Burn those books! - John Campbell is sick of emails

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    Default Burn those books! - John Campbell is sick of emails


    Funny/sad story about a Kickstarted book and the author who didn't figure shipping costs into his offer, and overfunded $8k to $50k, and his subsequent meltdown.
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    Part of me says What a Dick, another part of me wants to see him charged with Fraud!

    Being someone who reads a lot of web comics I have supported several authors and been glad to do so, but this is just so, so wrong. It's his cock up and he should "Man up" to it, not deprive the people who have paid him.
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    I say run a KS to get the funds to send the boyz around and take the books from him.

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    I've read his updates, and I think he needs help. He doesn't seem to be rational.

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    No, he doesn't seem rational. He should be locked up

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    Glad I was not involved in this project. The guy is going to get a lot of suits against him, and his shenanigans are not going to make the courts sympathetic to his cause.

    What I am curious about is Kickstarter's response. They are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the failure. I would be very interested to see this fully play out in court with Kickstarter as a named litigant, to play out the validity of their business model. To me, it seems like they are underwriting, and then absolving themselves of the underwriting duties.

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    Saw this pop up on my FB feed. I went and read his whole message. He's deeply in need of help.
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    An interesting story, guess his career is out the window.

    Talking of Kickstarters and as you are here Chern, when can Europe expect delivery of the next wave of ZOmbicide 2 products to be shipped?

    I have an artists pack and a the extra stretch goals to receive and I will be moving in a month. I contacted you guys immediately when the email notification was sent to confirm addresses to give my change of address and was told that all Europe orders have had address info sent already to the distribution. Will it be delivered this month - any ideas?


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