Scenario: Death Spiral 2 or 4 player
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    Default Scenario: Death Spiral 2 or 4 player

    Hello Riveteers! We just uploaded a new map scenario today. It's called Death Spiral. The idea was to create a game where you might be attacked from all sides while trying to get to the center. There are lots of different takes on a battle like this. We have some plans for a larger version as well and hope to put that out at some point.

    Please let us know what you think. We are always looking to make this game better and love all the community participation. Thanks.


    Death Spiral Scenario

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    Looks like a great scenario, and nice and close quarters so absolute chaos!
    Nice one

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    Looks good, certainly will mix things up a bit, can play as a team game as well and get double value out of it.

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    I love the idea of the game. It'll be great for people who paint their rivets to differentiate the armies as well.

    My thing is that this would be an awesome gametype once... say.... new factions are announced? Maybe?

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    Since I pledged double blitzkrieg plus 2x the extras, I plan on painting half my minis with bases one color, and the other half with a different color. That way if I have 4 player games, there won't be confusion. Right now we have one person from each side turn their minis around, so that we can differentiate.

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