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Thread: Elly and Trystan's path to Gencon

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    I don't have a problem Amal - the more the merrier.
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    Sweetness. See you guys at Adepticon! Just noticed it picked up my old SN when I reset my password. Funny.


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    Nice! Yeah you're more than welcome to post here - interested to see what you have in the works Drew

    So I was going to start painting this weekend and I got a little discouraged when I noticed a huge flaw in the casting of Skarre's arm. I dunno how I missed it but the handle was cut short, the cuff is a blob (I thought it was a glove until I looked at other pics of her ><), and the handle cover for the sword is cut short. Sooooo started yesterday on the repairs so hopefully I can get to the painting by this weekend... if my craptacular sculpting skills don't get in the way
    Edit - oh - and I will probably rework her hands.. they are supposed to be armor I think but I don't like it so I will be smoothing out the fingers so they look more like gloves. Might as well get everything the way I want it since I'm having to make repairs anyways lol
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    Yeah, it's always best to get that out of the way before painting. I had a pretty severely undercast Butcher of Khardov that turned out well with a little love...and resculpting most of his backpack.

    I burned some major midnight oil last night in order to finish up this bad boy. He'll be the first of the battlegroup for GenCon later this year. I'm planning to add the Hunters Grim warlock group and at least a Dire Troll Mauler. maybe an axer if there's time:

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    Wow. I better get the rust off soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amalathian D View Post

    Hmmn rather impressive, subtle work on the metals more worn and distressed than just weathered.
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    Very nice Amalathian. I like the contrast of the vibrant banner on the skirt versus the muted tones of the rest of the mini.

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    Some more work. Finally attached the backpack.

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