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    Will it be possible to buy additional copies of the minis that come from the base game or unlocked exclusives (not the 10$ add-ons, ones like Hitch, etc.)? Thanks for any response you can provide.

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    Hopefully I am wrong here, but I think that the heroes unlocked via stretch goals will most likely be packaged together as a single unit. Which means that they will not be available for individual purchase. This is how they handled Zombicide 1 & 2, Kaosball, and Rivet Wars. To get additional of the unlocked exclusives you had to get another base pledge. Again this is just based on what I have seen them do in the past.

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    What about the $10 add-ons? I really want Zahra (huuuge Grace Jones fan), but I'm not sure if I'll have the money to back this project by two weeks. It doesn't list anywhere that Zahra is a KS-exclusive, so maybe they'll release her in stores?

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    Generally if they are marked as an add-on in the campaign, then you can purchase as many of them during the Pledge Manager as you would like. So right now just Zahra and Nibbles are the optional buy heroes so only those would be unlimited. I know you mentioned that you are short of funds but adding as much as possible to the campaign unlocks more stretch goals funds collected via the pledge manager do not unlock more things.

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    no official answer after 6 days? guess it is safe to say this is a no. I wanted an extra Hitch for my brother but he has also pledged now, so I guess you made $90 from not answering a question. Thanks for the response MCS

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    maybe try sending them a message on the kickstarter campaign.
    also I'm sure on ebay right after its done you will be ale to buy them, but he cost is normally stupid.

    some real neat heros that id pick up a few extras myself:-)

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    NP Keats. I would also do as the Bruce has suggested about the campaign message. The more people are interested in having multiples of individual figures the more of a possibility it becomes.

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