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    Default Big Bertha - The Quad Stug Aus F

    Working on my collection of rare rivets. Any game stats for this guy, Ted?

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    aw, you stinker - you got one. awesome sauce. titan for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubo View Post
    aw, you stinker - you got one. awesome sauce. titan for sure.
    Yep, that ebay auction you were moaning about :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by binarysunrise View Post
    Yep, that ebay auction you were moaning about :P
    ah man, well, congrats. but don't think this means i'll quit moaning about it, what a lucky duck you are!

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    And yes, as soon as I got it I flipped it on it's belly to see the break lines from where Ted's mold collapsed when he first tried to cast it. (sometimes I think I know the history of this game a little too well....)
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    exactly what i would have done, and with the same admiration. kudos, and again, congrats on a fantastic score!

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    Nice to see someone who really appreciates it, got it!

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    Wow that's really neat to see the old one next to the new sturmpanzer. Congrats on getting that Binary. And it's cool that you knew about the crack But I like to call it "battle damage".

    You can really see that even though the current mini is smaller it has more detail, like the fuel tank on back, drivers view port, vents on the top, and no stacks. I can't believe I molded the entire hull in one piece. I learned a lot making that piece.

    And game stats? I think that might be titan armor. Sort of like a giant prototype tank, like the German Maus.

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    Any idea what your print run was on these? How many did you crank out? Did the mold finally give out?
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    "Of special note is the Quad Stuf Aus F. Introduced during the First Blight War and nicknamed "Big Bertha", it was inspired by the early bipedal Allied tanks. But looking to mount a more formidable main gun and heavier armor the decision was made to develop a quadrupedal weapons system. Affording a more stable platform, engineers feverishly increased its dimensions and piled on armor until it was head and shoulders larger than anything their opponents could field and by far the most colossal tank ever developed.

    Unfortunately, its combat debut was a dismal failure as the reality of warfare sunk in--literally! While "Big Bertha" was nigh impregnable, it easily bogged down in soft terrain, leaving it stuck in place and vulnerable to artillery and air attack. The titanic weight of armor also caused structural issues, the most common being cracks in the underside of the hull, which could cause total failure and collapse. Inexperience at casting of large pieces, a problem later solved through more modular construction, was the culprit and attributable to the fact that these were some of the first large armored units built by either side.

    But factory output could never keep up with demand and in the end fewer than 50 were ever produced, all of which are prized as collector items and found in military and private collections throughout the world."
    - Metal & Firepower: A History of Tanks and other Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Blight Wars

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    So if Bill is right then we don't want that Blight engineering in our cars!

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    With the new Scenario editor you can make unit cards. We should make one for this!

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    Only problem is it's too big to photograph

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    Adding to my collection of rare rivets - I picked up one of Ted's early hand-cast Vert tanks. What's interesting about this one, though, is that it'd been customized (Ted had sold them through an online forum for toy builders, so naturally many of them were "upgraded")

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