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    Default New War Dancer Impressions?

    So what are people's thoughts on the new War Dancer sculpts?

    I for one would like to say that its in improvement but am finding it difficult to do so. The one pointing is actually pretty nice but the other two? Sure they have dancers for a name but did their sculpts really need to reflect this? I can even accept the one doing a curtsey as a pre-engagement show of respect. But the one sticking out its leg like its some kind of call girl standing on the balcony showing her wares is . Plus the way their hair is done up like that makes them look like they got horns. I know that they had this hairstyle before but at least it was thicker and stood out more as hair than they did as horns. Perhaps some paint will remove this horn illusion...

    Is the Dancing master going to get a re-sculpt as well? Seeing as its going to be a tad bit too heavily armored compared to these new models now?

    Personally, I found the old models to be appealing and good so I dont even see the need for a replacement. Though I might have been one of the few to like them? I dont know. What I do know is that Im not too pleased about the changes that are being made. First to their mechanics, when I thought that perhaps I should cancel my order... but then convinced myself that at least Ill have some nice models on the shelves... but now even that is getting changed and not to my liking or what I signed up for so I guess Ill have to reevaluate my order again .

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    I find them quite good, I'd like to have 1 of each to paint. But that goes to a lot of WoK designs for me.

    I was backing it through a friend, so I write here: will there be a possibility to get these (well, daaa, as a unitbox in store) AND the old ones too (I love variety)? Even if only in resin without cards or such things.

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    I actually like the new ones far better then the original Dancers. I think that they have done a great job with the detail, and the variation in poses will look good on the table.

    What I am not thrilled about is that they are showing us Resin Masters "that they just received" and it is March. This seems to shout that CMoN will miss their shipping dates yet again.

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    I love them, but am worried that the detail on these resins will not translate into the plastics. The production plastics shown last week don't have nearly the definition that the resins seen before had, so I worry that these gorgeously done models will end up losing almost all the detail on them. We'll have to see - I plan on getting Goritsi from my local store once they hit the shelves and I'm finished with my "everything of Shael Han and Nasier" coming from the KS.

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    Agreed these new War Dancer's look way better then the original ones. They actually made me want to order Goritsi. Like RogueStar said, I may have to pick up Goritsi once they are available at retail locations.

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    The first models did not translate well to plastics, the loss of detail was more than what we were willing to accept.

    @Swan - These masters were sent to us after the tools were made, so they will not have an effect on release dates.
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    Derek, thank you very much Sir. This is fantastic news

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    I like the new sculpts overall. While the poses in older sculpts were pretty good, I wasn't a huge fan of the faces or the hair, so I'm wasn't super attached to them.

    The second one might be my favorite, it has an almost sinister playfulness to them that I can't help but love. I'm a little more torn about the third sculpt, it seems a little too 'pin up' for a battle miniature, but then again, she's a dancing vampire, so maybe once I see it painted I'll get the same vibe I get from the second.

    Between these sculpts and the werewolves we got from the last update, I'm more excited than ever about the Goritsi.

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    The old sculpts weren't bad, but the new ones are definitely. better.

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    I also like the old ones more but i like the new ones also. The faces look so manly on the new ones however it mightchange once painted.

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    I like them, I like the sense of style and movement, the suggestion of a curtesy before lopping off your head! The only thing that looks odd is the horn like hair but I guess that will look better when painted.

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    I like them. Love the curtsy one.
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