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Thread: Custom Scenario: "Top Secret" (New Gametype)

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    Default Custom Scenario: "Top Secret" (New Gametype)

    My friends and I at my last Rivet Wars event played a game similar to this. The map was set up in "traditional Trench Warfare style" and we were just going to "Beat the snot out of one another". What ended up happening was the formation of this gametype.

    I give you, "Top Secret".

    The map isn't special, but the idea was that there are no command points, you earn Victory points by secret mission cards and killing enemy heroes. This ended up being a fun game, especially since we played a massive 4 player game on such a tiny map. It was fantastic! It made me want to create custom secret mission cards as well as to create the scenario in the scenario editor. So here it is!!

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    PS: Having an extremely hard time attaching the actual Scenario Document. So... I added the image of the Map and described the basic scenario above. I'll figure out how to post the scenario document later. Sorry. So here is the link: thank you, for adding it to the page and making it look nice. The link to the site is here:

    So what do you think?
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    Wicked Idea; it sounds like a mad Blitz! Glad you're making use of the Scenario Editor. I suggest saving the Scenario as a PDF (it's much smaller); if that's no good I'll be happy to post it on my Scenario Editor Page; and you can share the link!

    Send it in an email and I'll upload it ASAP
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    at first when I saw the picture I thought you were gonna have the game based on getting to the opposite side and holding a bunker for your victory points, but playing the cards for victory sounds like fun, just fingers crossed you get the easy missions. :-)

    anyway gonna try our game out sounds like fun.

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    Yeah, I got a bunch of great ideas for secret missions too. Planning on making some new cards.

    It was also great playing a four person match on such a small map. When my partner and I both got the same mission card, it felt great working together to get double the points for one action. Sadly, we ended up losing to TWO Leroy Jenkins cards... ugh!!

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    Thanks to for adding the Scenario page I made to their site and making it look official.

    Now you can check out the full Mission.

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    Just glad I could help!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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