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    Default Caption me!

    Just a bit of fun really, go on, have a go

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    I must have missed that one on the pledge manager!
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    Ok two captions/quotes:

    "There is NO WAY you saved up enough rivets to deploy that unit!"

    "@$#%!!! Game designers won't even let my Ostrich hit titan armor."

    Awesome picture. That titan is HUGE! Beautiful work. I love the orks, or are those allied mountaineers, scaling the legs.
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    "Things look smaller from a distance....let's hope they think we're at a distance"

    "It's all a matter of perspective...forced perspective"

    "Everything has an Achilles heel...good job we're down here!"
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    "This wasn't the game crossover I was hoping for!"


    "When they said lets have a game crossover, I said 'yeah, this might be fun', little did I know"


    "Oh Crap!!!"

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    "Don't worry guys, we'll just use Parman to rapid assault Pounders at it until it's dead."

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    "No seriously, it gets to move an extra space if it starts on duckboards."

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    "Where the hell is that sticky widget card?!"

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    "this games great but the blight army is way too overpowered. kinda ruins it for me"

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    "That's what I want to be when I grow up"

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    "It took three weeks to get the smell out of that ostrich."

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    "Amazing! ... I haven't seen trees in no mans land for years!"

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    'I don't think Patston has seen us....quickly, hide behind that tree!'

    'What do you think boss, 1 careful owner, only 40K on the clock'

    Ted, soon as the mountaineers arrive you can bet they will be having a crack at it!

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    Looks like we're going to have to put in a little overtime for this one!

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    "You must construct additional Pylons!"

    "Ah-ha! So on the bright side, there's only one of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance King View Post
    Looks like we're going to have to put in a little overtime for this one!
    Busters reference, well played.

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    Yes it is! One of the best but I also like the quote: "Nobody steps on a church in my town!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyjuan View Post
    Busters reference, well played.

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    "Hold the line men! It only has a range of 2, and it's too big to go around that strategic objective."

    "The unveiling of General Patston's walker on Pimp My Ride"
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    "6 deployment points and 2 rivets is not going to cut it"

    "My other tank's a skoda"

    "Now where did I leave my keys?"

    "I think we took a wrong turn back there"

    "Hey! Only one diagonal...go back"

    "Though the battle was long over Jeremy had finally gathered enough Rivets to deploy the Mark II Ostrich"

    "General Patson finds out what tank-shock really is"

    "Only one more Victory Point and we can all go home....."

    "Yeah? you and whose army?"
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