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    When I paint the paint normally comes out grainy and ugly. What can I do? I heard once that if I put a drop of washing liquid into the paint it comes out smoother. Is that correct? What do you do????

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    Thin down your paint with water (for acrylics). I use 2 part water to 1 part paint at least. For finer detail, maybe 3-4 times.

    The stuff they call future floor wax will only slow down drying time. It will still be patchy if you don\'t thin down your paints.

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    Default hmm

    I\'m gonna try watering it down. But I\'m icelandic and don\'t exactly know what acrylic paint is... is it the same as the official gw paints? Like the blood red, bad moon yellow, etc...?

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    Yes, GW paint is Acrylic. You can also try Valejo paints, they are very good.
    To thin your paints you can also try a drying retarder. Like Future Floor Wax it will slow down the drying time but you can apply very thin and even layers of paint.

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    If your using GW (Citadel) paints, you\'ll definately have to water them down. They have a very high pigment concentration. I\'ll typically use a 3:2 Paint:Water mix for the basecoat (depending on how dried out the paint is - I really hate their paint pots), for Vallejo a 3:1 ratio. If I\'m doing a highlight I go to an almost wash mix probably something in the area of 2:3 or even a 1:2 Paint:Water ratio, make sure your not leaving behind little puddles with your brush (unless you need them - depends on what you\'re doing) and go over them a few times to blend up the color. It takes a while but it works. You can check out my Neophant (mini no. 10032) to get an idea of the blending. Keep in mind that was my first mini, so my blending has improved somewhat since then.

    Just remember two things, paitience and practice.

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    Ok no offense but enough of the newbie \"thin down your paints\" answers.
    It most likely not the consitancy of your paints especially if they are new. Ive do thin down my paints when its warranted, but never in the basecoat stage.
    Check your priming job first is it smooth or gritty?you want smooth.
    Second shake up your paint especially ones like polly s or vallejo\'s they come in 2 parts and shaking the paint will mix it better for optimum coverage.
    third check your brush is it still pointy?old brushes , brushes that are dry or have paint still clung to it will frag up your paintjob.
    lastly your brush work plays an important part in your on how smooth your mini comes out.dabbing or using short strokes on your miniature is a bad way to paint and its a bad habit even i must throw off. long smooth strokes is the way to go and do not reapply pain again on the same spot or you will push up the drying parts giving out a clumpy look. also dont overload your brush with paint.
    Well i hope thats more informative and will help you out better than adding a glass of water to your pallete or furniture wax.

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    Well, one thing that can result in gritty paint is when dry paint mixes with wet paint. For GW paints, it could be that you have a lot of dry paint in the caps if you use that to wet your brush (which is what I used to do...), or if you transfer paint to a palette, it dries, and you transfer more without cleaning it. (Which is something I occasionally do due to laziness; no excuse for that!)

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    Default hmm

    Thank you. This will come in handy :P

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    Cool, I tried most of the tips on one mini. Came out very well. Thank you all :)

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