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    awesome job. they came ip really well. love the wolverine

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    Ok, I decided to go ahead and start painting my infantry (I plan to upgrade to 12-15 infantry total, and had been concerned about matching units that I paint now, to ones I paint in April). But I made a list of what colors I used to help me out with future allies:
    Allied Infantry
    Raw sienna – belt, pouches, gun
    Barbarian Flesh & Parchment – skin
    Yellow & Parchment – yellow hair
    Raw Sienna – brown hair
    Plate Mail Metal – metal
    Clover – Green fatigues
    Name:  infantry.jpg
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    Waiting in line for the polystain....
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    nice. nice work on the stars. my hands are way too shaky to pull of freehand bits like that. I was thinking of making some sort of stamps with blight and allied symbols to dress up my pieces. keep em comming

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    Well, we're getting those water-slide transfers. I had planned on using them, but then I started wondering if I'd be getting enough, how hard they were to use, the fact that I don't have them now, etc. So I tried free-handing, and it wasn't that bad for me. I went back and added one to the horse too.
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    So I polystained the guys, and boy did they come out shiny! I'm not sure why they are more glossy than the previous ones - maybe I did a better job stirring the can? (or the other ones became more matte over time??)
    Anyhow, here are 3 getting ready for a matte spray treatment:
    Name:  shiny.jpg
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    It doesn't seem they are shiny, but they are quite. But after the matte spray....I don't see tons of difference.
    Name:  InfantryArmy.jpg
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    Decided to go with blue bases for the neutral characters. (figured Red for Ruska, gold for Byzantine, and then any future faction would be too distant to worry about). I'll get a better photo once I spay with matt de-glosser.
    Name:  hunter.jpg
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    Also started prepping this one. (I've got a lot of photos to create a how-to on the flag).
    Name:  flag.jpg
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    Name:  alliedhero.jpg
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    And here's him with his nice new flag.
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    This is great!
    his staff is really asking for a flag

    Reminds me of this:
    Name:  Screenshot_2014-04-21-23-27-46-1.jpg
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    He looks great! I really like the flag, as well!

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    Name:  GeneralPatson.jpg
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    A final version of Parman. (I forgot to paint the trim on the flag).
    And here's my Allied army so far. (and I reworked the shield, after looking at so many great Captain America-inspired figures)
    Name:  alliedarmy.jpg
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    Haven't made too much progress on the Blight, though:
    Name:  Blightheroes.jpg
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    But I did get a better photo of my Treasure Hunter
    Name:  treasurehunter.jpg
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