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    Hi, so as per the thread title, it's been really quiet round here lately. After some very active discussions on the stats and cards, everything has gone strangely quiet.

    is that it? Is everything now done and dusted, all wrapped up and finalised? If so are we still on track for a May delivery?


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    From a development side we've pulled most things back into Internal for final revisions (wording, grammar, finalized hard math, etc etc (the boring stuff and fine-tuned things that need to be done after any hard development).

    From our side, everything is currently on schedule and we're looking good for delivery date!

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    Thanks for the quick response Mr Black. That's really good to know.

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    Did I miss the third infantry and new unit cards, or are these still under wraps?

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    They haven't been previewed yet. My guess is they are going to save them until they are finalized as a "teaser". Gotta spread out the Wrath love!

    Counting he days till May!

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    With all the rebalance of everything released thus far I thought they would want some feedback on them. No worries either way, they have been very responsive and appreciative of play testing and very forthcoming with information so I have faith in them.

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    We are all very happy and grateful that every one of you have jumped in to participate in testing, theorizing and providing feedback!

    From all of us here in development and for the rest of the staff at CMON, we give you all a heartfelt THANK YOU!
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    Do you anticipate the games being shipped out before CMON Expo? Would love to get you guys to sign my rulebook.

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