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    On behalf of my team and myself, I wanted to take some time to personally thank everyone here on the forums who has been actively involved in discussion, debate, and playtest.

    So as most of you know, we've gone through some heavy revisions since the baseline rules were released, part of this was myself and my team taking the project over from the previous hands and making some hard decisions about the direction of the game and where we wanted it to be. Initially we looked at the models, the world, and the gameplay and the thing we saw was that overall things felt... A bit bland. This saddened me, as Wrath is nothing if not oozing with style and substance, but i just felt the units on the table didn't fully represent this- The potential was there, but I felt the units were sitting at a "2-3" out of "10" and really needed to be cracked to an "8-10" (we don't go to "11"). That is why in the initial revamp there were some pretty big changes, with the average model going from 0-1 special/cool things about them to 2-3.

    It's always a fine line between too much loadout on a unit and overly simplistic rock/paper/scissors (especially catering toward the mass-combat wargame) but we felt the changes needed to happen to actually make the armies unique and flavored. In the end it seemed the audience (you guys) agreed with us as feedback on these new units was overwhelmingly positive. Of course with any revamps of that caliber (especially dealing with the timeframe we had to deal with) things need balancing and revamping and all sorts of work to get into a good place. Myself, having worked on numerous boardgame projects here at CMON, as well as being Brand Manager and Lead Developer for Dark Age (myself and my team are responsible for the revamps that game has had over the last 1.5 years as well) will tell you the most grueling and time-consuming part of any gaming project is balancing things- and to me it's the single most important element of any wargame.

    We could have taken the internal route and kept to our closed group of playtesters to hammer out any problems (and trust me, they worked to death ((literally in some cases, RIP Intern Jimmy) ) but, being the crowd-funding source that kickstarter is, we wanted the fans to have more than the usual bystander involvement in our processes that they are usually resigned to. Thus we opened the gates for anyone to externally play-test the game and tell us just what was working and what wasn't- people join Kickstarters to assist in creating a project they want just as much as the creators, so what better way to embody that then include everyone in, well, its actual creation.

    The feedback was overwhelming, and even just sorting through all the reports and discussions took a lot of manpower (once again, RIP Intern Jimmy) we went over all of it. Some we agreed with and re-evaluated, some we kept as is, falling back on our math and experience knowing the overall product, but I hope everyone sees how much their feedback was valued and acknowledged (Union Workers, Goritsi, Shael-Han, Moral Rules, etc).

    In the end this was a project and labor of love not only for development but also the players. We presented our world to you and then asked you how we could make it better, and you guys responded and told us candidly what you liked and (sometimes vocally ;P) what you disliked, and in the end it helped to craft a better end-product not only for us, for you guys, but also for any players that pick this game up after initial launch and anytime after. If you're one of the ones who contributed, even if it was just to come on the forums or kickstarter and commented on what you liked or your opinions on a unit, you should feel like you helped the game get to the state it is and played a part in its creation.

    Without your time and feedback the product would not be as good as it was, and for that myself, and everyone on my team, thanks you.

    Michael "Mr. Black" Shinall
    Lead Developer, Wrath of Kings

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    I wholeheartedly accept your gratitude, where would this project have been without my keen insight and well argued points (probably about the same place I suspect! Just couldn't help myself. ;P )?

    But seriously, I want to thank the CMoN team for being so open about the rules that you've been presenting, including admitting mistakes and revamping the different factions and even main rules to make a better game. I'm looking forward to seeing the final rule set and the third infantry and other specialists unlocked in the kickstarter.

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    Thankyou. WOK actually got me into my 2nd miniatures game that plays on a table instead of a boards. BTW Dark Age got being my first one

    Not sure my friends will play it but the miniatures look great. I'm aiming to convert my son someday when he grows up so I look at is as a future investment + it gives me sufficient time to build and paint the models.

    I didn't spend much in developing giving input so want to thank 'the community' as well.

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    I also would like to extend a big thank you!!!

    I'm lucky to have been on the project since the beginning and it's been an absolute pleasure to watch this project unfold and to watch this wonderful community start to grow. I can only echo the thoughts expressed above by Michael, your willingness to come to us with thoughts, ideas and feedback has been invaluable!

    I would also like to take a quick minute to thank Mr. Black for coming in and taking the reigns on this project, his tireless work (there were many nights were we were on the phone, or skype or in studio til 3 or 4 in the morning hammering out details, feedback and corrections), his attention to detail and love for the project are a testament to his desire to bring another fantastic product to market. His ability to bring my 11 back to reality is unfounded and I appreciate the time he spends discussing (arguing at times) ideas, balance and direction of all aspects of the game, which have made this project an absolute thrill to work on.

    The rest of the development staff also deserves a big thank you as we pushed, poked and prodded them to 'get it done'! :P

    We're all very excited to get this game into your hands and whenever you get a chance to come see us at a show, let us know who you are so we can shake your hands and thank you in person!

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