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    Default New to the boards.

    Hi everyone!

    Long time reader, first time member. Just figured this is the best place for me to post up my first message while asking for some advice on whfb.

    I recently just picked up warhammer and finished constructing my high elf army. Lets start off by asking if there are any other high elf players out there that could give me some advice on playing this race?

    Going to start painting soon, but I guess I'll post that up on the painting section.

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    Don't play, but thought I'd say Welcome anyway.
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    It depends on what your army consists of?

    Personally I run a couple of blocks of archers backed up by white lions & swordsmasters, Dragon Princes for some hard hitting cavalry and (somewhat stupidly) a lord on a Star Dragon.

    High Elves as an army are pretty versatile, but in smaller games I often find I run out of points to field a good all round force so your best funnelling points into making an army that excels at one or two of ranged/combat/magic depending on what your normally play against.

    I play against Lizardmen and Beastmen mostly so I've given up on trying to excel at magic and focus on combat first and range second.

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