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    Hi guys, I saw this yesterday and there's still a bit of time left: I thought some of you may be interested.

    Rise of Flight is World War 1 flight simulator. I've not played it but it seems to have good reviews for a niche market. It's usually pretty expensive but you can pick it up for less than a Treasure Hunter ; p


    I'm fascinated by early aviation, and thought some of you might find it interesting too, given the combination of time period and techincal innovation contained in Rivet Wars.

    I thought this might be a fun thread to share other games of the period too.

    If you're not interested: sorry about the spam!

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    Good find! I have been eyballing RoF for a while, but it was a bit out of my price range. Now I just need rudder pedals and a joystick! Easier to justify purchase now with the savings on the base game!

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    Haha! I'll be saving up for aviation jacket and goggles.... I'll feel authentic then
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    Decar ditch that keg around your neck and replace it with a silk scarf. I'll be glad to hold the keg for you until you get back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decar View Post
    Haha! I'll be saving up for aviation jacket and goggles.... I'll feel authentic then
    I can hook you up, man. Steampunks love their goggles. http://www.gentlemansemporium.com/me...FUNo7AodcT0A8g

    Go to eyewear for goggles and jackets for their flight jackets. I believe you can get nice scarves here as well.

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    Two brilliant ideas! My only alteration would be: we'll share the flask

    What do you think? - I borrowed Charles Yooger's googles
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    That's great. Love the scarf and goggles.

    And that's a great deal @Decar. I jumped on that. And since I'll be flying WWI planes I need a new flightstick so I ordered one last night. Since it'll be "research" for the game I'll need it to be realistic
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    I'd never thought about it before but....where do I get an authentic USB WW1-style joystick?

    http://mapsairmuseum.org/old/sopwith_triplane.asp - I think the fire extinguisher might be a more recent addition.
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    Absolutely love this genre, my great grandmother actually worked in the factories that built the planes and sewed the canvas. I remember the first ever model I built, a sopwith camel at the age of 6. And some of my favourite films represent the ballsy seat of the pants dogfights.
    Thanks so much for drawing my attention to this Decar, this one slipped me by!

    Frankly, you can keep your titanfalls, missed the deal but it's available on steam, pippety pip and tally ho!

    And I actually have some WWI style flying goggles too!

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