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    Default Another cheap Ikea lightbox idea

    So my photos left a little to be desired, to put it nicely. Using lamps and paper or card stock, I was getting results like this:

    Those aren't cropped or touched up, and passable. I read the Ikea trashcan lightbox idea, and looked around for something suitable. What I did find was the VARMLUFT Shade

    Now that doesn't look like anything you can use to photograph minis, but inside is a wire frame cube covered in paper. Just cut away the extraneous material. Cost? $5
    I also ran across These JANSJO LED lamps for $10.

    I bought 2. They're super flexible and let you put the light where you want. They are spots, so you can adjust how much light the mini is getting as well.

    Here's what the setup looks like, with one lamp.

    The light it makes on the inside:

    And the flexibility (pun intended) of the setup.

    Now compare those photos above with these:

    All from $15 at Ikea.

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    The newer picture definitely look better. I need to come up with some sort of solution like this as well.

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    First post!

    I liked the idea so I have gone and bought the light shade....just to check before I start cutting it up though (and wasting my money), you've basically cut away all the excess paper from the sides an just left the inner core of the light shade? Then there is some fabric or something to give it a base and to cover up the hole in the back?

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    Thanks for the tip!

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    I love those Ikea led lights, need to get me some. For the light box I use, I made it with coat hanger wire and a old pillow case. Now if I can just get my camera skills together. :P

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