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Thread: Custom Secret Mission Cards

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    Nice one!

    Apparently I need 10 characters in my message.....
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    Working remotely on my business laptop atm so I can't really check things out -

    Does the card editor thing listed here also support unit cards?

    I ask as... well look, 'Things are not meant to be strictly comparable' is a perfectly valid design goal as asynchronous play is desirable, but you still need a certain overall parity and I would like to custom print a few things. For ex. the entire Bilght air power/defense line being categorically worse than their Allied counterparts means they almost never see the table for our games as the thinking is generally 'Why would I spend my resources on a clearly inferior line?'

    Really dig what you all are doing here, by the by. And love the game. Umm... other than the growing itch to paint all this stuff. I thought I abandoned that lifestyle years ago lol.

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    Hi Kosuno, Welcome to the forum!

    Yes, you can make unit cards; there are some examples dotted around, if you wanted to make your own variations on standard units you should be able to.

    I added the new BoB Unit components a few weeks ago. I keep noticing little nuisances but let me know if you need any alterations.

    You can get to the Card Builder here: - it works on mobile too if you're travelling
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    Does anybody know of a good website/company to use to print these so they are close to the actual card sizes used in Rivet Wars? I want to make sure they are as accurate as possible. I might try to print some of these in the coming weeks.
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    No experience here, but the Guys who made that awesome gaming table.

    Used - you may have to experiement with adding borders to the final designs to get the resolution perfect.
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    I've used Artscow to print awesome bags. I just took a look at their poker set and it looks pretty neat. The images from the Card Builder will need some adjusting, I'm happy to go through and make a pack of 54 cards, if that's something people are interested in. I'm sure comedianmasta's probably got 54-cards, but maybe others would like to contribute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by comedianmasta View Post
    Does anybody know of a good website/company to use to print these so they are close to the actual card sizes used in Rivet Wars? I want to make sure they are as accurate as possible. I might try to print some of these in the coming weeks. is probably your best bet.
    The Rivet Wars cards are exactly 63x89mm.
    This looks to be the closest size/shape: They are 63.5x89mm.
    These cards are 63x88mm:

    You could use Ultra Pro card sleeves with opaque colored backs to standardize the look of the deck so the new cards don't "stick out" if that .5mm bothers you:

    If anyone needs help with the graphic design/setup of the cards, I'm a professional artist/designer and willing to help.
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    Working on some things as we are now doing the youtube and I am looking to get some of these printed. Thought I would share some ideas I had.

    If anyone wants to put together a "card resources" thing with the updated artwork that would be nice. I do see that some of the artwork seems outdated to the ones actually used on the cards. Either way, should be fun.

    Name:  rule_lingeringFlames.jpg
Views: 60
Size:  14.7 KBName:  customUnit_card_flammeTurret_2.jpg
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Size:  15.3 KBName:  customUnit_card_cropDuster.jpg
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Size:  15.0 KBName:  customUnit_card_smogCannon.jpg
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    Name:  customUnit_card_MGAntiAir_2.jpg
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Size:  15.0 KB

    I felt some of the plugs needed fixing. I also thought some flames would make some cool additions. and help offset the Blight-Allies imbalance. I also want to play a few "gas games" and make use of the custom plug for the flame thrower that was made.

    I would love any and all ideas on what to use for Flame Tokens as odds are I will start using a similar ruling in custom games with friends.

    EDIT: The Air Plug thing didn't seem to work with the MG Card. It's weird... but it all worked out, I guess. It's supposed to be a reg plug anyway.
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    Great to see these being produced. The community pages on are still operational, so feel free to upload stuff there.

    I might have to dust down the cobwebs forming on my Work-In-Progress missions....
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    So.... I got them printed.
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