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    Although I despise such advertisements, I feel it necessary in this case. The Daemonic Legion, a forum based around its namesake, is in a restructuring phase, its leadership, design, etc. being shaken and stirred into something that would make Ma and Pa proud.

    The Daemonic Legion

    I encourage you to check it out and participate, help this budding community grow into the evil tree it deserves to be!

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    Looks interesting I\'ll check it out properly later when I have more time to get a proper look.

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    I\'m a devout member of this site. It needs a shot in the arm right now, but is really great. In fact, Wyrmling and I may just have to start over with a bigger and better one if it continues to drag. We\'ll let you know if it comes to that.

    In fact, if you are a serious Daemonic Legion player (or would like to be) and would like to participate in leadership for the new forum, please email either Wyrmling or myself.

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    Well, my friends, things have been moving along superbly, and The Daemonic Legion is now fully established and growing. I encourage you to check us out...we WILL consume your souls!

    Click the image below and become...daemonified!

    My thanks to all that visit - any comments, suggestions or criticisms are more than welcome, as we need input if we want to grow and mature as a forum. Daemonic players assemble!

    P.S. I look forward to sharing all that you wonderful painters have taught me to this devilish community. :)

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