angarrath wip. hes huge!!!!
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Thread: angarrath wip. hes huge!!!!

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    Default angarrath wip. hes huge!!!!

    Ok first pic. Boring one but showing that this one isn’t going to fall apart. Heavy brass welding rod used to pin parts along with epoxy resin and superglue.
    Name:  DSC00224.jpg
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Size:  814.3 KBName:  DSC00225.jpg
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Size:  957.6 KBName:  DSC00227.jpg
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    Then comes the start of the painting. Undercoated then purity sealed.
    Name:  DSC00230.jpg
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    Pre shading done
    Name:  DSC00232.jpg
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Size:  1.03 MBName:  DSC00233.jpg
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Size:  802.7 KBName:  DSC00235.jpg
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Size:  1.00 MBName:  DSC00236.jpg
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    First colour base, wash and then second preshading done on body and wings
    Name:  DSC00238.jpg
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Size:  810.5 KBName:  DSC00239.jpg
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Size:  941.4 KBName:  DSC00240.jpg
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Size:  905.9 KBName:  DSC00241.jpg
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Size:  866.7 KBName:  DSC00243.jpg
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    2nd highlight, + 3rd and 4th colour balances for sub skin texture.
    Name:  DSC00246.jpg
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Size:  992.4 KBName:  DSC00247.jpg
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Size:  748.8 KBName:  DSC00248.jpg
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    Armour 1st, 2nd and third colour layers for deep reds on main panels.
    Name:  DSC00250.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MBName:  DSC00251.jpg
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Size:  967.1 KBName:  DSC00253.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MBName:  DSC00254.jpg
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    The wings get 2nd 3rd and 4th colour layers on supporting fingers.
    Name:  DSC00255.jpg
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Size:  1,020.1 KBName:  DSC00256.jpg
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    Sub surface skin done and top skin done
    Name:  DSC00257.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MBName:  DSC00258.jpg
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Size:  918.1 KBName:  DSC00260.jpg
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    Armour panels done. Metallic parts started
    Name:  DSC00231.jpg
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    axe blade flesh done
    Name:  DSC00261.jpg
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Size:  1.02 MBName:  DSC00262.jpg
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    Wing fingers completed. Membranes get final pre shade
    Name:  DSC00267.jpg
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    Metallics on armour panels done
    Name:  DSC00264.jpg
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Size:  764.2 KBName:  DSC00265.jpg
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    After final assembly the big guy is done
    Name:  DSC00269.jpg
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Size:  1.12 MBName:  DSC00271.jpg
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    and for size comparison
    Name:  DSC00283.jpg
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Size:  813.7 KBName:  DSC00284.jpg
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    This was a beast to do. It’s pinned with brass tubing, brass welding rod, even more brass pins then glued using epoxy and thick set cyanoacrylate. The model is pinned to the base with more brass and epoxy then sealed to the base with hot glue.

    Was a lot more work than I expected but was a joy to do.

    any feedback is welcomed

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    Wow awesome work looks so realistic you really have captured the essence of a daemon captured here

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    I like the painting, it's pretty nice, but 2 small things:

    - image sizes: today morning when I tried to view this thread on my home computer (relatively old) chrome crashed every time because of the many large images. Maybe it affects only me or others who have old pc-s, but it was annoying

    - mould lines: if you paint a big,impressive, central model like that, why don't you take the time to remove all the mouldlines? where it's really visible: neck left side and left arm, axe handle, neck right side (here the arm looks ok), armor on right arm, (not sure, on one pic it looks like that, on others not) armorpanels on right leg, on the wing all the way down, back of the axe (especially at the closed part)

    So in a way it an impressive model painted to a high standard, butchered by mouldlines everywhere.

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    This is awesome it really show your skill at painting

    The custom base is a great touch the lava doesn't look too bright

    I love it

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