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    Any good suggestions on how to get these plugs off their bases with out breaking them?
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    They are pretty well constructed, I generally just slice them off and gorilla super glue them back on after painting the bases. I have known some plugs come out whole but not many! the gorilla glue is a little more durable than standard s glue btw as it is more flexible and forgives drops more!

    i have used this method for all my dust, descent, rivet minis and more and they seem pretty solid

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    Yup, just slice through with a strong sharp knife, the material is easy to cut.

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    Hmmm, I was hoping for a little less, cut option. Oh well, guess that will have to do.
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    I used a pin vise and drilled them from the underside of the base. You get to a point where if you wiggle them they can come free with part of the 'pin' that slots in the hole still on their feet. Makes it heaps easy to glue back in

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    Sounds like a good advice to me, then you can use the hole to mount them on a piece of wire while painting them ;-)
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