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    If you set up a competition that is based on votes, but you decide which votes you want to count, and which votes not to count, how dare you claim this is a fair or honest system?

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    While you are talking about bell curves, Borg, in your second and third examples, did you also discount the disproportionately high number of 5s the entries received? Given the distribution of votes, if you want a 'Normally' distributed curve, as apposed to a skewed distribution, there should not be a peak so low down.

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    its fair enough being upset thinking you will score a 7 and later finding it was adjusted down. i was a bit upset to see my scores downgraded and I did score above a 7 (not on the one which I'm proudest of though, my Gaston). but calling shenanigans is a bit unfair though. they probably could have been clearer from the outset that this would happen but you cant deny their logic in adjusting these votes. there were entries sitting high above others which were clearly superior (some cases this may simply be my preference but I think in some cases this cant really be denied, some were undeniably superior to ones scoring higher simply because they were spammed with high scores. this may be due to intentional manipulation or misguided generosity).
    I had a lot of fun both painting my set and seeing all yours, some of them were unbelievably gorgeous, I'm quite jealous of some of the talent.
    It sucks that there are some which didn't make the grade that I think really should have though. but that is opinion and also the nature of a comp.
    I now cant wait to see what you all do with wave two. so much more to get into soon enough.
    hopefully there will be another RW comp down the track. I'm new to CMON so I'm not sure how common they are. if there is I hope people will get as much out of it as i did this one

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    Gah. Yes I was being unfair. It was late last night I was annoyed at having the treasure hunter ripped from my grasp and I didn't read Borg's post properly. If they were only removing multiple votes and unregistered votes then I suppose that's fair enough. I had interpreted what I had read by them cutting off 10s if they didn't fit the distribution.

    So I apologise for my previous comments/accusations.

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    yeah I'd be pretty devo'd. it's a shame you missed out. I know I scored both yours above the threshhold

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    That's a real shame, I deliberately scored a lot of the mins higher than I would normally on this site. Remember these guys and gals are semi professional/professional painters, Golden Demon/Crystal Brush winners. If I'd have scored pretty much all the competition entries to their level we'd be talking sub 5/10. My own included. But wasn't this comp about getting a limited edition min?

    So, apologies to my fellow entrants for pushing your scores up, and shame on CMON and Ted for not making it clear we had to spend 200+ hours on a award winning miniature.

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    I gave away high scores too. One thing that I have seen with voting, when the number of votes is low some people will give really low votes trying to pull the minis score to an average that they feel it should be at.

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    Scoring works both ways though. Some snob(s) decided to give me stupid low marks for one of my entries and it was 3.5! which means that no amount of 'normal' voting will get this to 7, but with the revised scores it didn't reach 7, but it was close. With any survey a certain amount of high and low scores do need to be removed to get a mean result rather than an average. Example, 49 vote 7 and 1 vote 3 means an average of <7, when the 'real' score would be 7.

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    How do we find our final score. My score shows me at a 7.0, but wasn't listed as one of the winners. I am very confused and pretty upset about the way this turned out. I have emailed CMON and they told me it wasn't correctly entered in the competition, which I also don't understand, because it clearly shows up as entered in the competition when you view it, and I followed the instructions in the post for entering. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

    my entry:

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    You can see the final scores of everyone here :

    You got a 6.6

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    Thanks Wondercat.

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    Would have been nice to know that you had to be logged in to have the vote count. Why even let someone vote on the mini if they aren't logged in then? Really disappointed in the bs in this contest.

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