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    Smile Empire

    Hey! I am working on board game in "Haste games" and I was able to show some art that I made for this amazing Project!

    'The Empire' is a medieval fantasy faction of massive battles of modular miniatures in 28mm heroic scale made in hard plastic.

    28mm heroic multi-part miniatures compatible with most game systems (WFB) made in hard plastic with a very high level of customization.

    More details about this game you can find on kickstarter.


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    These are awesome, man! I wish you the best of luck with the kickstarter!

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    Charles D.Thanks you! i realy love this game and want to do more characters for it)

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    really ace minis! I actually thought they were 54mm+ at first glance. good luck with the KS
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    new pictures
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    I saw this but was put off by the lack of actual minis shown. Got any pictures of those? They look great as 3D models.

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    Wombat85 Hey. Here is some printed soldiers. )

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