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    Default Art of War Pledge shipping issue

    Good Morning,

    I know this doesn't affect many of us, but I received a beautiful watercolor from Ted, unfortunately it has someone else's name on it. I've called CMoN about the issue and they said they would address the issue, but for anyone else who is receiving theirs be aware there is likely a mix-up with the one you receive. The name on mine is in the upper right hand corner of the frame box.

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    We're aware of the issue - Ted did a great job of packing all the watercolors (which we didn't want to remove), but the personalizations were inside the packaging which we didn't want to destroy so we thought they were generic by mistake. We'll be contacting the Art of War pledgers via email to sort it out on our dime.
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    Thanks for the response, I've gotten a followup phone call from CMoN as well, I'll be sending off my incorrect one tomorrow and am looking forward to receiving the correct one soon. If mine is anything like the one I received it's going to be great!

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    I'd feel kind of bad for the person who the art was intended for if the first view he gets of his art is a "not the best" picture in these comments, and what if he were to decide that he liked mine or whoever's he received better... no, I think I'll wait to post pictures till after I receive my own. And Jared, when is the Pirate Deck making its KS debut? I'm looking forward to it, have you done anything further with your book? Looked into self-publishing via Amazon?

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    Have you considered keeping the art, and changing your name? If yours isn't better, you'll wish you had filed the paperwork to become someone else :P

    As to Pirate Deck - hopefully in the next few weeks. And my book I'll return to after that point (I'll have downtime while my artist finishes the artwork for the cards). Thanks for the interest and for remembering!
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    I can't believe how quickly Cool Mini or Not responded and fixed this issue! Terrance was on the ball, he sent me a return shipping label and as soon as my correct one was returned he made sure it was quickly turned around and sent to me. He also gave me the tracking number to let me track it. I am very impressed with the CMoN team. My only unfulfilled wish was that since I had to go to all the trouble of re-taping the box, printing off the return shipping label AND drive 5 miles (up hill, both ways, while it was showing) To the local FedEx place to send back the wrong picture CMON could have dropped one of those Treasure Hunter's into my return box... sigh.... ,)

    @Ted, if you are reading this by chance, the watercolor you created for me is exactly what i was hoping for. Thank you so much for the time and care you obviously spent on these works of art. I will proudly display this piece and let everyone know it commemorates the kick starting of one of my favorite games, all of the heroes shown were integral figures in the campaign and it really represents my excitement of the game you designed. I hope if you Kickstart a second campaign, you have a similar pledge level and that I once again have the ability and opportunity to add another of your incredible pieces to my collection.

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    Great piece! I"ll have to add it to my "Art of Rivet Wars" thread!
    (and does that giant robot have Titan armor??)
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    dude that looks awesome. I cant wait to see some titan armor models. such a tease putting the stats in eastern front but nothing which requires them

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    The picture is so sweet, will look awesome up on the wall.

    and right on for CMON for fixing things up.

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    @ckcarlson - It's great to hear that everything worked out. I'm really fortunate to be working with CMoN and their support team. And I'm really glad you are happy with the painting. It was a blast to create and hard to part with but I am happy to know that it has a great home. Thanks again for supporting the kickstarter and the game.

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    My Art of War pledge was one of the mixed up packages - with international shipping time that propably caused quite a delay for the original owner. As I would otherwise have had to pay tax and fees. I did not pick up the package, so I have not seen the painting.

    Sadly CMON does not deliver the painting from the UK as promised, thus the whole thing has to go through customs - and that is turning the whole thing into quite a mess for me

    I did not get my own painting yet - it was stuck in German customs for weeks, and now after it has been cleared and was supposed to be delivered by German post to me the track and trace now tells me that the package was "slightly" damaged and will be returned to CMON without me having any chance of seeing what is wrong with it. Currently it is held for transit back to the US. No idea when it will be there, no idea what is wrong with it, no idea if the painting itself is damaged or unharmed - for me, as exited as I was about getting the painting, the whole thing is turning into a huge disapointment and propably a waste of my money. I am afraid that I will get a damaged painted after all the waiting, extra costs and hassle. Not getting it delivered can only be because the content of the package must be damaged, thus the painting will certainly not be allright. Damaged boxes with no harm done to the content are usually repaired by the post. Only if the content is damaged they are delivered back to the sender. Thus, there are still weeks of waiting ahead of me, and I will have to repeat the whole customs thing.

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    Just got a very kind mail from Ted - he will try to help, he is a really great guy. Thanks Ted.

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