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    Hey CMON, Would we be able to get some measurements on the Game tiles?
    Are they 25cm x 25cm? or a different size?
    I'd love to start making some 3D tiles prior to the game release. Thanks!

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    The measurements we're working with is 21cm x 21cm for the tiles. But until they go out to print, there's always the possibility that we might tweak that a bit. I don't think that's likely, but I thought I'd give you the heads up.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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    Awesome! thanks for the info! Will post WIP pics as I go along.

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    This is what I have thus far on my AQ game tiles. I've decided I will make two full sized tiles and make the rest individual 7cmx7cm squares that can be connected to one another. (WIll either use magnetic strips or wooden pegs, haven't decided yet.
    First image is the 7cm x 7 cm squares laid out.

    Second image is showing the raised sections that will be buildings. I've left some space around them for the wall portions. I'm planning on just building a very low wall around each building section, probably only raised a few mm above the tile so it's more stable. Still figuring out how I will create removable "Door" sections. Any ideas please share!

    Third image is one of the long three section pieces I pulled from the various AQ tile images. and I've cut out the square tiles and textured them a bit as well.
    Still a long way to go but I like how it's going.

    Name:  20140401_115940.jpg
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Size:  1.64 MBName:  20140401_122034.jpg
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Size:  1.52 MBName:  20140401_123628.jpg
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    Update on the buildings and the doors.
    So I was toying around with using some small hinges I have to create openable doors, and trying to figure out how not to have the opening doors interfere with the game tile space. Also thought of making some sort of "door sleeve" that could be put over top of a wall section to make a door. Only problem is when you "opened" a door, it really wouldn't be open. And with a hinge door there would still be dome interference with the the games LOS rules from the rulebook
    Name:  ScreenHunter_589 Apr. 02 08.20.jpg
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Size:  20.0 KB So I decided to set out and build a the tile in the top left. It has some sort of red cauldron in the middle. I didn't want to make items in the room that will again interfere with the models placement, so I decided I will make it a sort of covered pit in the floor. (The pit portion isn't completed just cut out in the photos below)
    As for the doors, looking at the rules and how a full section of wall determines OPEN doors for LOS I finally decided to follow the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid).
    Thus you can see below I made a removable wall section that has a door, and when it is opened, I simply remove that wall section, and now am able to follow along with the AQ rules easily for LOS.
    Any feedback would be great! Still working on this, have to complete the doors with detail and such. But I think they are coming along great!
    Name:  20140401_181230.jpg
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    nice solution to use a removable wall as a door...

    i have been thinking that it would be nice to have some 3d terrain ready when i get the game... and this thread kind of convinced to to give it a go (we'll see how well that goes with 3 small kids taking all of my time ).. but if i manage to to something i'll try to post pictures.

    My main concern and thought right now is that [if i have understood it correctly] the same room can have doors in different places in different scenarios...
    making each square it's own 3d model and using magnets/pegs to stick them together will solve the problem if the door should be on another side (just turn the square), and having an extra removable wall with no door will solve the scenario when there should be no door in that room... but what if an scenario calls for 2 or 3 doors in that room?

    or do we have any better idea of the scenario maps so we can make the correct number of doors we need for each square?

    also the 9 tiles that come with the game are double sided, and i'm not sure every side is displayed in the kickstarter+rulebook? so having a complete "city of Arcadia" before the we get the game might be a problem... unless some nice people at CMON shows us all sides of the tiles *hint *

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    Hey joakim great points you listed. I've also been thinking these over. On how multiple doors will result.
    The benefit of making them individual 7cm x 7cm squares allows me to account for the 9 double sided tiles without having to make that many options. I'll post as I build but i'm thinking of making several 3 long road sections, a few L's and a few T's and then a handful of single road sections. As for the houses I think I will make two of each (maybe three) a one door option and a two door option. I don't want to make up a massive amount of rooms though. So I'm also thinking of just making the wall sections all removable. I'll share if I can come up with a working concept.
    Also I know the main hall tile for the final battle that I will probably just make the full 21cm x 21cm tile. there is a picture of it in the AQ rule book.
    Agreed with my little one I can only work on this when I have the time, but I suppose I might have more time with only one. haha.
    Good luck! and definitely would love to see pics if you get around to it!

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    Where can I find that rulebook you all talk about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neoloserar View Post
    Where can I find that rulebook you all talk about?
    it's on the kickstarter page, link in update #38

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    Love the new images of the tiles. A lot clearer and more to work with! I'll try working on these a bit this weekend and will post pics of what I get done.

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    Here are a few of the building floor sections that I made up quickly today Took about 20 min or so.Name:  20140404_152515.jpg
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    I've completed several floor bases for my building tiles this weekend. Next will be to build up the wall sections for these. I've decided i'm going to make the majority of them with one door opening. and then make a select few with two doors. I've also made up a few of the multitile buildings, but I'm going to limit it to the ones I have and built more bigger buildings once I get the game and see the tiles/scenarios.
    As for materials what I've used thus far:
    Hot glue gun
    White Glue
    Balsa wood
    Foam board (I believe it's 3/16")
    1/2" insulation board
    A rock
    exacto knives, ruler and pencil.
    Some card stock from race flyers
    cross stitching plastic mesh
    and some paper lollipop sticks that you can get at any art store.
    Name:  20140407_120035.jpg
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Size:  735.5 KBName:  20140407_120048.jpg
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    Working on building the walls for some of the buildings. You can see that I'm going to add detail to some of the walls that I want to have brick or stonework on the outside.
    Also I've made a couple of houses with only two walls, these will have removable door sections.
    Name:  20140408_124949.jpg
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    Wow really awesome work. These are going to look sensational when complete, painted, and with the miniatures running around in them.

    Have you considered adding real lighting to some of the wall pieces? A friend of mine did it to some dwarven forge pieces using LED tea candles, similar to this tutorial

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    Great link Carrots! Thanks for sharing. I've never done any LED lighting effects before on any of my terrain projects.
    Seen it done but never ventured to try it myself.
    I'll be sure to review it and see whether or not I'll take a crack at trying it out.

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    Here's a pic of my mates end result

    Name:  1800214_607416866006116_1242640111_n.jpg
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    Basically he hollowed out a circular section of the bottom of the base, and disassembled the tea light so the circuit board, battery and switch would fit. then he drilled a hole halfway up the wall (again from underneath) to meet up with a 45 degree hole drilled into the wall. This housed the wiring, along with a small piece of brass tubing at an angle. The "flame" part of the tea light was then glued on top, with the LED inside.

    We were all suitably impressed, and can get you more pics if you want. He has 5 or 6 still to be assembled.

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    Damnit dcartagena, stop creating cool stuff! Its inspiring me to make more things I don't have the time or space for!

    Fantastic work btw, really looking forward to this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    Damnit dcartagena, stop creating cool stuff! Its inspiring me to make more things I don't have the time or space for!

    Fantastic work btw, really looking forward to this game
    Hey Bulldoguk, I posted a new update thread as this one was getting a little pic heavy. Working on completing a few full game tiles

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    This is great I was just looking for a list of the tiles so I could start building them in 3d using the hirst moulds. Let the games begin!!

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