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    Hi all,
    I'm currently looking for several dragons from Ral Partha, most from the Personalities Series and this seemed like a good place to ask. I really liked the sculpts Dennis Mize did but unfortunately none of his sculps are among the ones reprinted since.
    Below are the Ral Partha numbers they were released under - some have more than one. Also there's a link to a site with photos of most of them if you no longer have the blisters.
    I've scoured Ebay, Google, etc and located a few but some still elude me and it never hurts to have a spare. So if you have any of these you'd part with - even already painted ones - please reply or send me a pm.
    (Especially if you have a Fire Drake #01-163 or Wyrm Bazaar #10-470 as they seem to be the hardest to find!)


    Crimson Dragon #01-162,
    Fire Drake #01-163,
    Ssahgar the Lizardman & Saurian Watchdog #01-167,
    White Wyrm # 01-171,
    Highland Dragon & Consort #01-172,
    Evil Dragon & Captive #01-184,
    Huntress and Hunting Dragon #01-710 & #31-030,
    Wyrm Bazaar #10-470,
    Sage of Wyrms #10-471,
    Hunting Dragon #DF-539 & #DF-584
    Sea Serpent Dragon #10-361, Dragon of the Month series

    You can see photos of them here as well:
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    Have a look at Ironwindmetals.com they have some of the older Ral Partha stuff IN PRODUCTION!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Have a look at Ironwindmetals.com they have some of the older Ral Partha stuff IN PRODUCTION!
    That's one of the first places I looked and they don't have any of his sculpts :-(

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