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    Hi all, I've been busy again!

    I was reading the BoardGameGeek forum and someone made the suggestion that Secret Mission Cards could payout something other than VPs - so I thought I'd make some.

    Essentially, the pack contains 10 SM cards which can now give more Deployment Points, Rivets, Action Card Draws or Unit Buffs - all the details are on this news post:

    I've not had chance to play with these yet, so forgive me if you think they should be changed or extended. There's been lots on analysis on how the SM cards can make the game too random; I'm firmly on the fence - but by introducing more 'less powerful' cards the chances of getting a good or bad draw decreases; which may be a good thing.

    I'd love any feedback or ideas

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    I really like the idea of these, but I feel they would need to be balanced. I even feel some of these don't fit as Secret Missions... I feel we need an entirely new set of card type. IDK...

    But I feel there should be MANY more cards like this and the VP secret Missions should be rarer. This means that , to me, we needs to make cards like this. I should try these with a few games of Top Secret.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Thanks for the input, I know what you mean about them maybe being another type of card and Im certainly up for making more. What I was thinking was does diluting SM cards with these alternatives make them more valuable? maybe having lots of easily achieved SMs with low point rewards changes the game in a small way.

    I thought Id share this video on balance in games, I found it interesting as Ive never felt that perfect balance was necessarily a good thing and these guys explain it better than I can think:

    Extra Credits: Perfect Imbalance:
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    I would love for those 2 decks to be about 4x the size they are in the base game. Hopefully when we get into the second KS, Ted will make a nice 40-card pack for both. (Unless I'm missing an obvious reason why there are so few cards....)
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    Indeed, I agree balance is sometimes as bad as it could be. I understand it's not the center, and diluting the deck to make point value cards more important is good. I like this idea. Maybe I could help create more cards? I'd love to help with that. I was gonna make more based off my FF as well.

    Card packs are a MUST! A few cards with each expansion? That's a "uh duh" for me. However, having some cards on packs by themselves would be cool too. Especially a community pack of community made cards.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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