Someone should make some Rivet Wars Dust Tactics custom cards
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Thread: Someone should make some Rivet Wars Dust Tactics custom cards

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    Default Someone should make some Rivet Wars Dust Tactics custom cards

    the more use of the figures the better! I would attempt it but I'm too new at dust tactics to really get what makes something balanced or not.

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    Can you explain more for those of us who do not fully understand? Is Dust Tactics another Tabletop Game?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Yeah, I think the OP is getting his games mixed up. Dust Tactics is pretty much the same combat and moving mechanism as RW but set in 1947 with mechs, zombies and laser.

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    Not mixed up. I know they are different. I was hoping someone would at some point make custom cards for dust tactics that allows you to use the rivet wars figures in dust tactics.

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    O'h right, see what you mean, but to be honest I can't see the point as the games are so similar and all you would essentially be doing is using RW figures as a 'count as'. A unit of 5 Riflemen will have the same stats as a unit of Recon boy's less all the special weapons.

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    This is so cool. Will deff be checking out that game.

    If you want, as well, With the Scenario Editor it comes with the templates for unit cards and the like. I'd start there and make it yourself.

    However, to answer the original question, no. I think it's a stretch to think someone else knows of both games, and loves both games enough to then create custom cards for a crossover and then is on this forum sharing them. Sorry. But I will be checking out this game now as well. NO MORE MONEY, YAY! Thanks for the share.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Just a comment: Dust Tactics looks AWESOME! But is expensive...
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Yeah, when it first came out the starter box set was a steal, then FFG took over distribution and we saw price increases with every release and now Battlefront have taken over, it's not easy to get heavily discounted models either, They are fantastic model mechs though and the best you can buy AND a lot cheaper than other inferior resin kits. One of my favourites:

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    compared to other miniature games, Dust Tactics is amazing in price. here is by far the best place to order from if you plan to spend at least $100 better prices then amazon. That figure Hithero linked is $28 on miniature market. something like that in warhammer or warmachine would be at least $100. the new starters are $35 on miniature market (normally $50) they some with a pretty good amount of miniatures too. I highly suggest checking it out! (the game is undergoing a change of ownership so all the fantasy flight versions are going on clearance. this is a good time to grab them cheap. the battlefront versions are the same figures.)

    Both rivet wars and dust tactics have a larger grid then normal so you should be able to use the maps for each with each other for custom games pretty easily. I wana try a rivet wars match using my dust tactics maps someday
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    Love Dust. Have played it since day one in 2010. The biggest reason I bought this was because of the similarity, yet this is one I could teach a bit easier to my son. Comparatively priced, Dust is very inexpensive and the vehicle models are some of the best in the industry. They are in a bit of a funk with a distribution change, but Paolo Parente, the creator, has a large list of releases that goes far into the future. I think these two games compliment each other well, because even though they are a bit similar, the y are different enough to give both games good playability next to each other.

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