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Thread: Wrath of Kings Novel Available for Download

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    Default Wrath of Kings Novel Available for Download

    The full Wrath of Kings novel is now available for download here:


    Under the Downloads section!

    Get a nice lesson in the world of Kings and Elementals!

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    Found something for you guys to fix if it hasn't gone to print. On pg 30 Ooroth his his surprise, and paid closer attention. He did not like complications.

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    Thanks, Keats, I appreciate it.

    I'd imagine we'll get one or two more notifications from folks about minor errors. Despite having read the thing eight times myself, an editor, a copyeditor, and three rounds of proofers, there will still be one or two things we miss. Over the next few weeks, I'll collect all the notes people put up, correct the print edition before it goes to print, and then upload new electronic editions for everyone.

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    Also, folks, here's a much higher res JPG. We'll put the link up on KS a bit later today.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Eric View Post
    Also, folks, here's a much higher res JPG. We'll put the link up on KS a bit later today.

    Something about that link is a bit wonky. If I click on it seems to just take me to a blank page, whereas if I go to http://wrathofkings.com/ks/downloads/ and try to grab it from there it looks like the original 945x650 image. I love the map, don't get me wrong, but I'd love a bigger version of it. Of course I'd also love a map of Fructus & surroundings, but then I'm greedy =].

    Awesome novella. Had me cracking up and left me wanting for more (but in a good way, rather than the damn you resolve some plot points way that occasionally comes up).

    I did spot a few typos, though over all it looks clean and flows quite well. The one thing that bugged me was when Winterhawk was having tea with Irene. He seemed to go through an awful lot of pots & jars of tea. Just before he spots Irene "The waiter brought more tea.(p.161 on epub)" and about two or three exchanges into their conversation "More tea arrived in a painted jar.(p.163 on epub)". That seems a bit excessive, unless the Winterhawk wasn't so much drinking tea as chugging whole pots of it, which doesn't seem to fit his dignified old sensei approach to life.

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    Ah, we're having propagation issues with our web hosting. If you clear your cache, the new image should appear. If not, then about 12 more hours should fix it.

    Good catch, duke_bonez. He does drink way too much tea, but that's a bit fast, I agree. I'll see what I can do about that before things go to print.

    I'm glad you liked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Eric View Post
    Ah, we're having propagation issues with our web hosting. If you clear your cache, the new image should appear. If not, then about 12 more hours should fix it.
    [Doubtful agreement] If you are sure I'm more than willing to wait 12 hours, however I've tried it on a completely different computer after refreshing its cache and it's still a blank page.

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    Understood CMON Eric, I'm a course writer and developer so I understand how hard it is to see errors when you go snow-blind staring at paper or computer screens all day. Show the stupid course to one student and they find errors everywhere . I am enjoying the story and will post anything else I happen across.

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    Link works fine for me. much better then the first image! thanks CMON

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcartagena View Post
    Link works fine for me. much better then the first image! thanks CMON
    I guess I'm doing something wrong, but it still doesn't work for me =[. http://wrathofkings.com/ks/downloads/wok-map.jpg either takes me to a blank page or 'The webpage cannot be found', I've cleared my cashed data and tried different browsers and a different computer. Any suggestions?

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    another typo for you

    Page 82 in the PDF

    Too late. The last blot whipped aside and the door flew open.

    Should have been "The Last bolt whipped aside"

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    duke_bonez - I was having the same issue. Turns out it's a file name capitalization problem (or it was for me). Try this: http://wrathofkings.com/ks/downloads/WOK-map.jpg (with the WOK in capitals).

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    Thanks Brak, it now worked for me.

    The map does bring into new questions though. I assume that Aacelious is part of the free cities, since Qualat Mons is in their territory, but Fructus is definitely part of the Felskar nation. So hard trying to figure out geography vs story

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    As far as I can tell Fructus is a neutral area - because it's the original seat of the Emperor, the place where he unified the whole land before parceling it out to his children. As such the impression that I got was that it was turned into something of a neutral ground for meetings between nations.

    @Brak - thanks, that was driving me batty.
    Last edited by duke_bonez; 04-11-2014 at 04:49 PM.

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    Doing a quick re-read to see if I can remember/notice any of the typos I vaguely recall being there (i think i spotted about 3 or 4). Here is the first one Pg. 7 of the PDF:

    But the bosun wasn't done. “Which Tellorians take all the cakes for superstitions, don’t they, miss?

    Bosun Hat seems to like starting his sentences with Which (“Which it’s common knowledge, like!”, “Which of course day’d make it easy to spot ‘em. They’d turn to ash, like.”, “Which I don’t, ma’am, meaning no disrespect,”) so maybe it's just his conversation quirk, but in the sentence above either Which or superstitions should be removed to avoid confusion. Otherwise I keep wondering which Tellorians he is talking about =].

    Honestly when I first read that sentence I wondered if it wasn't meant to be: Witch, Tellorians take all the cakes for superstiontions, don't they?

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    Awesome. Can't wait to give this a read over! Great idea putting it up here before print as you said, after enough read-throughs you start to miss any mistakes.

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    Fructus was the seat of the Celestial religion and the home of the Archon, who is no more.

    Felskar had the honor of protecting the island (kind of like how Switzerland protects the Vatican), but that changed when the Archon was slain. The map will evolve properly in future books.

    Thanks for the catch, Swan. It's noted.

    Aacelious was a catch-all for the 'Regency Cities' as they were once known after Ancient King Arikan died. Its use has died out over the centuries, and the region is simply known as the Free Cities now.

    Duke_bonez, the bosun has a very low manner of speaking. Put a Cockney spin on what he's saying and it should sound natural.

    Thanks for reading, everyone. I'm glad you're liking it.

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    In Chapter 10, we have a couple versions of Achrionian that should be fixed

    Page 130: I have received the Acrhionian Ambassador’s letter of protest

    Page 134: "Did you really throw a building at the Achrioninan?”

    Page 142: We have I overheard him talking to the addannii.” which should have been addanii

    Two things in the next chapter caught my eye

    Page 157: A glim of hope crept into Draga’s voice.

    probably should have been glimmer

    Page 158: The huge pig-man’s breating was shallow
    should be breathing

    Finished the story and have 2 more things that should be updated

    Page 173: “It’s the Senior Hakar! Heksa! Heskaaa!”
    Should be Heska!

    Page 184: Ionic columns supported the high ceiling
    should be Iconic (unless some sort of Teknes Technomancy is at work here)

    Enjoyed the story, was sorry to see it end
    Last edited by Swan; 04-12-2014 at 02:46 PM.

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    Pretty sure "Ionic" is correct in the above. There are three types of Greek columns: Doric, Ionic, and and Corinthian. The Ionic columns have scroll work at the top (volutes), and are typically fluted along the length.

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