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    That's really a nice one, once again. I like her posture, really well looking attack movement. Perhaps she could lean forward even a bit more, putting her head back a bit, just a little bit more assault-like, but that's certainly personal taste.
    Her angry, aggressive and determined facial expression is great. Nothing to complain about at this stage

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    I fell in love again
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    this is not bad!

    for the weapon though i feel it should make your life easier to cut them in plasticard instead of sculpting them.

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    Agree with Skelettets there is a good SBS here Atgil uses metal but explains it works just as well for plasticard
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    Thanks for the advice. I used plasticcard for such purposes on other minis before, but I want those minis to be castable and plastic cpould be a problem in the mould making process. Thats why I decided to sculpt them. It's actually not that hard once you know how to do it. I struggled a little forming the blade for the female pirate, mainly because I started with gray stuff. The blades for the first elf where a lot better and now I can form blades like that very quick and easy. Sometimes you just have to put your tools aside and use your fingers, it took me a while to learn that .


    Thanks for the link. Very interesting thread. Maybe I should consider using Aluminium for the weapons. It can be filed and cut quite easy.

    After some minutes of filing:
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    Plasticard can be used in casting, just depends on which process they use if it's heat not so good, but fine with pressure and no problems at all with silicone
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    yeah the little i know plasticard is used by many commercial sculptors. but you seem to succeed anyway so...

    this thread is very inspiring

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    I know many people use plasticcard, but I tried to get along without it. A friend of mine sells minis and he told me I should better not use plasticcard at all and rather use metal.

    Actually forming those blades is not that hard to do. I just roll a sausage, attach it to the wire and then use two fingers and lots of water to form it. When its cured I can file it to the shape I need or even cut it with a sharp scalpell. So it can be done in only two steps.

    Anyway I think havin a thin plate of Aluminium for making weaponds is not a bad idea

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    Update: I worked on Swords, her ear, her hands and lion cloth added (sorry guys for covering her ass ;D ). Right hand and sword still need work.
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    Added some detail (necklace, toes etc..) and worked on right hand. Had to remove some material and unfortunately her hand broke off . I could put it back on, but now I will have a lot of work again... I fear the moment when I have to cut her left arm in order to get her cast .

    Sorry for the bad pic. Took it in a hurry this morning and my cellphone struggles to show the details.
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    Fantastic. I think this newest figure is your best work yet. Although, I really did like the pirate without a hat.

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    Nice work, will take my time to go through your thread too see it all, also added it so that I can follow it
    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. She definately is my best work so far. She's my 11th mini and I am improving skills and tools all the time.

    While I worked on her I recieved new glasses so now I can see the details better than before. Before my right eye wasn't able to generate a sharp image so the left eye had to do all the work. Of course this had an impact on my 3D sight and on my ability to concentrate as my brain got tyred of filtering the two different images it received from my eyes . Some detail I could only see when taking a picture with my camera and zooming in. Now I got special glasses that are designed especially for my hobby, for seeing the smallest details in short range.

    On my first minis I worked with Miliput, then switched to Green Stuff, then to Grey Stuff and now, finally I am using Magic Sculpt. All of the mentioned puttys have their advantages and disadvantages. I found out that Magic Sculpt is the one that suites my needs best.

    Wy wife gave me a very sharp, professional scalpell (she is a vetarinary) so I am able to cut/scratch off material (I have to be very careful when doing this, it cuts through skin like through warm butter) and I bought some new small files. So now I am generally able to correct almost every mistake I make. Now the quality of my work only depends on my abillity to imagine what the mini should look like (I'm very good at that) how much time I invest and if I see where corrections are needed (I'm good at that, too).

    This forum helps a lot too, because sometimes I don't see the wood for the trees and any comments that point out some issues might help.

    So please comment a lot! Point out what needs to be improved! Even if everything looks perfect let me know. This makes me happy and keeps me motivated to continue.

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    I had to bend up her hand because the sabre pointed too much downwards. Her wrist started breaking again so I supported it with a wire. Maybe I can finish her tomorrow. Some details to the Sabre and some finishing touches here and there. I'm curious what her rating will be when I submit her picture.
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    Maybe it's the photo being a bit stretched out, but she appears to be suffering from "Noassatall." This is a horrible affliction that, if not contained, can lead to erectile dysfunction in men that encounter the victim.

    Can an I ask why it is you have settled on magic Sculpt. Also what did you think of gray stuff?

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    Is this a better view? ;D

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    Grey Stuff VS Magic Sculp: Grey Stuff is also good, better than Green Stuff, but I prefer Magic Sculp.

    Those are completely different puttys. Grey stuff is much tighter, you have to apply some force to form it. You have to use hard, sharp tools for details. Soft clay shapers can only be used to smoothen the surface. However it is easy to achieve a smooth surface. When you use water on your tools you can make it become softer and then create really smoothe, even surfaces. It holds its form pretty well: The pirate for example has no armature-wire inside her arms. Her arms are purely made of Grey Stuff.

    Disadvantages: If you have to completely reshape some grey stuff on your mini, push it in another place, cut off some etc you have to apply strong force that might bend your armature or even break cured parts of the mini or, if you try to push it sideways in a different position, it might just fall off or, if the rest of your mini isn't propperly cured, it will get deformed or, if your mini isn't attached to the cork very tight, it will be pulled off or you press your fingers against the mini from the other side to prevent it from being bent and destroy details you sculpted before that have not cured yet. If you want to add a very small amount to the mini (like her necklace) it is hard to do as Grey Stuff doesn't stick too well and it cures quite fast so I made the experience that this doesn't work very well.

    If you use grey stuff you should generally add bigger chunks to your mini as small ones won't stick, take care that position and form of the newly added material are as close as possible to the desired pos and form and you have to work quite fast as it cures quite fast and then gets even harder to form.

    Generally the same applies to Green Stuff exept that it is more sticky so attaching it, even very small pieces, is not a problem and it is more gum-like, can be pulled without being ripped apart however it is much harder to remove once you added too much. Cutting off a small amount of a ready sculpted (not cured) detail will destroy it. It can't be filed or scratched of when cured. It tends to make even smoother surfaces than Grey Stuff but hardens even faster so sculpting large regions in one go might result im GS getting hard before your done. Generally tends to form round edges so making soft changeovers or hard edges is nearly impossible.

    Magic Sculp: Is much softer, takes longer to cure. Has to be handled very carefully by using mainly soft tools and for getting a smoothe surface you will have to wait until it starts getting harder. However you can work on much larger regions or more details at a time and you can always add small amounts or scratch material off or file it once cured. When using sharp tools very fine details can be made but you have to be very very careful.

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    I did not have much time yesterday and I had a terrible headache so I did not touch my putty at all. I just did some filing, scratching and cutting . I worked on der right eye, her left hand and a lot on the right sword (and a little bit everywhere). Made the blade thinner, more narrow and more straight. Please tell me what you think.

    Almost done now. Maybe I can finish her today. After somwhat between 20-30 hours of work on her I start loosing my motivation. I think I'm going to have a break from modelling and paint something.

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    Looks great! Things to look at would be the left arm -- it looks a touch boney to me, specially at the elbow, like it is sticking out a bit too much; and perhaps some shaping on the left leg down near the calf -- it looks like it could stick out a bit more based on how high up on tip toes she is. Again, that's just based off of some views of a 3D object from a 2D picture, and I think it looks great, regardless.

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    Thank you for the product review brother. I have only used GS so everything else can be compared to that. My only issue with GS, and I think it's obvious, is how sticky it is. Also, I wish it could be filed. But I have sculpted some decent bits with GS, so if there is something out there that more pliable and less adhesive, I think I could be decent with it. Have y ever mixed GS with milliput? I've heard good things from this. Or have you used Fimo? It seems like you could use grey stuff as the first layers on your armature because it is so strong. Or it could be used for big flat surfaces and weapons with sharp edges. Then fill in details with green.

    Your ur latest mini is excellent. 9/10.

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    Also, you always do such a great job on their faces. If anything, you have that part perfected.

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