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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Mr. Black View Post

    Just wait till you see the King...
    Balanced against all 5, full Siege armies?

    .....maybe for three turns? *Worried Laughter*

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    With regards to the Carcharians, I want to see them on the table to see how they fare because they look almost too good to me.

    The Frenzies and the charger look good and a pain to kill, but it seems like that was the point so I'm pretty cool with that. What I'm less certain about is that they look like some of the hardest hitting troops so far(they're going to be rate 3 most of the time) and sending in rank 1 infantry just seems like a bad idea. They seem difficult to deal with, but manageable.

    My main concern balance wise is Gar. As mentioned earlier by Swan there are some good answers to him, but if you don't happen to take them that game he can just run around the table knowing there's not a much that can hurt him. This leads to models that you are required to take against hadross just in case Gar shows up. Can't throw most of the infantry against him since they can't hurt him, and you can't throw a good chunk of the heavy hitters against him since you'll lose additional morale when you fail to kill him since he can probably kill you.
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    I a not overly concerned about not having a direct solution for Gar. You can tie him down by just basing him with a single Rank 1 infantry. Since games run about 4 turns or less, and the first turn is movement, that gives Gar only 3 possible turns to make an impact. With troops that can handle him or just the use of speed bumps to slow him down, you can mitigate the impact that Gar has on the field (or most any character). Though I really do need to see him on the table, just to get a feel for how big of an impact he can be in the game

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    A rank 2 leader should be pretty tough, I think that's the point of giving up two leaders for him. Swan, do you only play the skirmish sized games so far? In a larger game he may seem like much less an issue, and in skirmish don't you only get two ranks of leader anyway, giving you lower morale and only one model for combined activation? Sorry I'm on my phone and can't check the rulebook.

    looked it up, in skirmish you get three ranks of leader and intro games you get two ranks. I doubt anyone would play intro outside of teaching the rules, but I still think giving up two leaders for Gar makes a big difference, now you're tailoring your forces to rank 2 infantry which eats up your model count twice as fast and reduces your morale. I suppose you could bring in Gar alone as an assassin type model and have a bunch of rank 1 infantry with him off suit so to speak. he could still group activate them, just not with them due to shared characteristic rules. I think it's a fair trade off, but only Swan battle reports will tell
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    Hey Mr. Black, I don't suppose we could have any hints about what hints are coming next could we Would really love to see the Shael Han ones especially, but the others are cool too And thanks again for all of these, I've really loved finding out about each of the various units and characters, and love that each has such a cool flavour and adds a lot to their forces while expanding the theme! Thanks again!

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    Will the newly revealed units be added to the Wrath of Kings website sometime soon? It would be nice to see them all in one place.

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    not until the Goritsi Mercs have been revealed at the earliest.....

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    Would it be interesting to have the Ravenscar to be 'real' mercs. I would instantly regret not getting a box then

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    Combat Reflexes: Once per turn, when this model becomes engaged, you may place it anywhere in contact with a model it is engaging.
    So here is a question - in the update this is listed primarily as an offensive-positioning ability, but can it be used defensively? E.g. your line-up of brave mercenaries is advancing, but the vile opponents get the jump on them - can you use combat reflexes to prevent being flanked? Say two models are trying to engage one merc, but Combat Reflexes allow you to re-position the merc anywhere in contact with an engaging model, so can you place him out of contact with the second model?

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    Well, this past week was fun, and filled with lots of WoK games. I managed to get a new player involved, and saw many of the new infantry units actually hit the table. Unfortunately, the only unit that really got to see decent testing were the Ravenscar Mercs.

    The Frenzies were played by one of our group that really hasn't touched the game since KS ended, so he was a bit rusty. When the Sharks hit though, they were quite effective, and the chance to get that extra 2" move and automatic resonate, giving an extra die was pretty fierce. Would like to see them on the table a few more times though.

    The Iron Lotus warriors, never really got to show what they do. Instead they were more like the Deathbloom guided missiles of death, more on this when we get to the Ravenscars.

    The Ravenscars on the surface do not look that impressive, that is until you look at their Sergeants training. Getting an additional 2" of movement just by starting your turn next to a terrain object gives the Goritsi force movements that are just scary to try and deal with. This guy is probably my number one choice for a Goritsi Leader no matter what my army is (now to get my pledge manager re-opened to add these to my roster).

    We chose to go with the actual wording on the Ravenscar card for Combat reflexes and let them be used offensively or defensively (meaning that they could hop around the opponent that they engaged, or an opponent that engaged them). When used offensively this allows the Ravenscar to open up more space for their brethren to get into the fight, and gives them the unique ability to get behind enemy formations and closer to any motivation objectives. When used defensively, it can move you out of melee with leaders, by jumping on the other side of standard infantry that engaged with the leader.

    The biggest issue we have with the Ravenscar is timing. When group activating using the Ravenscar Sergeant, using their cast aside ability is fantastic. Not only do you break up formations, but you also get an additional 2" move. The real question though is when do you make the 1 die attack, before moving the target 3" or after? This is very important when facing Dragon Legionaries and Teknes armies led by the Iron Ward. If it happens before then the Legionaries benefit from healing vapors, and Teknes get their free attack if a unit is killed, if it happens after these things don't occur.

    The other thing that we found is that Ravenscar are not the unit to bring when facing the Shael Han. With the number of Insights / trainings and inspires that grant magic attacks, Ravenscar die in droves, having only a 30% chance to survive a magic attack on them. This is where the Iron Lotus missiles of death came from. They would start out in Deathblooms' Blessing of the Celestial Winds Insight and then take a 6" move. followed by a 6" sprint to engage the Goritsi Ravenscars and Zeti, watch these troops have heart attacks when a pretty girl gave them her attention. The Zeti that survived generally gave as good as they got and it was a massacre of Mercs, Lotus and Zeti. The unfortunate part in all of this was that the Lotus never truly showed what they could do.

    Madam Mui on the other hand lived up to her frightening reputation. She single handedly dropped my morale 6 points in a single activation. The Shael Han had taken Call to Glory as his motivation. With Mui's Inspire, and insight, and her 6 leaping attacks of death with my infantry exploding and having to make will checks, 6 troops died, and moral dropped quickly. She was quite a sight to see on the battlefield.

    Finally, my force did include a model that frustrated the Shael Han. Dame Allison made an appearance on the field (this was due to me receiving a Twilight Knight figure earlier in the week, so I just had to use it). All of that magic that the Shael Han brings to the table just becomes a hindrance when Allison arrives. The inability to target her with magic attacks left my opponent at a loss when facing her, and seeing how she was hunting the Fulung Devourer, the dragon had no decent place to run. She is immune to hi range attacks, and her move of 7" or 9" if next to terrain, made her faster then he was. Eventually she used her sprint to base him, he melee attacked her, resulting in no damage. Her return strike slayed the dragon in a single shot. Yes, Dame Allison is truly a Slayer of Monsters.

    The final timing issue that would be nice to get resolved is Bounding Flourish/Deadly Flourish and how they interact with other abilities like Healing Vapors, the Iron Ward's training, and Addanii backlash. An example of how the Flourish should be done would be nice, and when models are removed, and when backlash / return strikes are taken.

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