How about updates on the development of the game?
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Thread: How about updates on the development of the game?

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    Default How about updates on the development of the game?

    So guys, I know we, the late pledgers, just received the email with the survey and stuff, but it just seems to me like we are a little uninformed on the current state of the game development/production. It would be nice if we had like a time line or just a few basic activities (like, for example, ordering the miniatures or receiving the miniatures or developing the box for the stretch goals) with the %completed of each one... I dunno, its just a crazy idea but it would make the wait more bearable if we could see the actual steps currently being taken.

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    I just sent this message to CMON. I hope they read and consider it.

    Hi, I'm a late pledger on Arcadia Quest. I made a post at the forum some time ago saying that it would be nice to have more detailed descriptions on the progress of the game.
    What I meant was that it would be nice to have something like the update #34 of the SDE, in the following link:

    Thx for your time.

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    Yeah, you're right. We should cook up a little update letting you know where everything stands. If we haven't yet, it's only because we've been awfully busy actually making those things happen. For now, I'll just say that everything is going according to plan, which is always a good thing.

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