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Thread: BARBARIAN DUDE redux AVAILABLE!!! Hurry up!!!

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    Default BARBARIAN DUDE redux AVAILABLE!!! Hurry up!!!

    One of the most beautiful mini ever created in scale 32mm is available in a strictly limited edition modified!

    This is the link where buy it directly from my friend Emanuele !

    Hurry up this time! :-P

    This mini placed 1st of "Best Fantasy Sculpt" on the Wamp Awards 2013!!!

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    I love this sculpt, don't get me wrong - but if he is 32mm scale then he is around 8 feet tall as he is 40mm tall. That is the only reason I sold my first two and won't be buying this one. And I LOVE barbarians - especially sculpted this well.

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    I hope you've sold them at good amount, because the old barbarian was judged one of the best mini sculpt ever and i've seen on ebay incredible prices for it, as for all Emanuele' sculpts :-)
    However it's almost 40mm tall, but could considered just a a 32mm "heroic" scale model, perhaps very big as sculptor thought! :-)

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    Would look good in a conversion to warhammer fantasy ? I enjoyed the piece.

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