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    yep, that look great and for TT that will look nice at the 3foot mark
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thanks Zab. As its table top standard it does the trick without going too far. It means I can crack through things that bit quicker.

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    it's a testament to your skill and professionalism that you want to get speed AND quality for your clients. Too many commission painters sacrifice one for the other and lose clients or income
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

    Instagram: almost_zab
    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
    P&P: Neil Szabo

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    Mally you have this down to a science!!!

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    Really nice mate, great quick effective technique that works well
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    You freaking good at what you'r doing mate! I wish I could get clients, this way I could do some cash on the side, don't know, I might try e-bay one day :S You got to find what's hot and what ppl play I guess, not sure ppl would buy my necron? x-wings stuff? I think it's popular.

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    Thanks Joce.
    It started for me by selling my Lotr collection. A few people said, I like your stuff, so I offered commission work. And from there it has taken off. I started last October and have had constant work, some lined up for next year already. The down side is my own work suffers, but I don't plan commissions forever, it is literally to pay for my hobby - and to that end its a complete success.

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    First start on a little display dio. It will show the ambush on Theodred from LOTR. It's the clients favourite scene and for me a nice change from table top.
    itwill be a riverside with 3 Uruks and mounted Theodred. It's my first attempt using resin for the river, so a nice learning curve

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    Okay so....I'm pretty damn stoked for this project!!!

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    Me too, I'm eager to see your experiences with resin for water, all I know is waterproof it as much as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf the Grey View Post
    Ok, I've been busy as ever with jobs, cracking through the orders. Now this may not be everybody's thing but I did a very quick shield for a 28mm Uruk Hai. It helps with my commission work for table top standard to do things well, but have quicker methods.
    All in all this took me 1.5 minutes to do and I think the effect works - well for me anyway.

    So to start
    Black primer
    Now literally liberal coats, not concerned if you exactly cover everything as showing the lower levels helps the beaten up effect.
    VMC Tinny Tin
    Scale 75 Heavy Metal

    Now stipple pure VGC Beasty Brown - the pure paint creates texture.

    And that's it - heres the look

    that looks good to me, especially for the time taken to do

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    Thanks for the responce everyone. Im
    hoping to get cracked into this in the next couple of days.

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    A couple of quick shots of the finished piece, bar the name plate.
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