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    What a disgusting, bloated, pus-ridden back. Well done!

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    Plenty of puss to go ! Little by little it's getting there.
    im hoping January will see Glottkin finished in the main, with the two commanders would be a bonus. Then it gives me about 2 months on the base and finishing touches.

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    Wow! I love all those eyes! The way you've very clearly separated all the little crap sort of 'stuck' on his back looks so cool. Do you ever do a quick little project or just multi-month epics?!

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    Haha thanks Saint. I'm trying my damnest to make this thing work. So many little details it's crazy. This was a piece my wife wanted me to do so hi am I to refuse ?
    This will be the last big jobs, as good as they are they take too long and I've a long way to go on this yet ! I'm looking forward to nice little 75mm pieces !!!

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    The eyes on his love handles look awesome you could paint them with a gloss varnish to make them pop even more against the flat green of his skin. His arse needs darkening up,maybe some browns and black greens to dirty up his but hole , as I'm sure Glotkin don't go in for Anal bleaching ......
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    Brilliant advice Matt, haha. I'm sure they don't bleach. There is a cloth to cover this area but I will have a look when I come to work this bit.
    In other news I finished the arm.
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    Awesome, you making great progress on this disgusting mini.

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    OH man he just keeps getting better and better.
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    That is looking incredible! So much little detail to pay attention to and you've a keen eye for all of it. Can't wait to see the finished product!

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    Nice work! I really like the transition on the tentacle.

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    Disgustingly great.

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    Many thanks guys, so heartwarming. Work in the way all week so no progress just yet

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    Very fugly. Well done !
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    John big guy is near as damn it finished, at long last ! Now to the 2 command guys.
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    Looking mighty fine there! Gorgeous in a suppurating putrid fashion
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    The longer I watching the more I like it (and the more my neck hurts ;P )

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    Many thanks guys.
    Andy - as one of my inspirations thanks for the positive words.
    Rotren - I don't know why it tilts the photos, I believe it some sort of mobile data conflict.

    This still needs some tlc but for now I've made a start on the command guys. Laid some basecoat and started working the skin.
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    Now this is really shaping up "perfectly" when done this def needs to go on P&P my boy!!!

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    Hey Johnny thanks for your comment Rd onP&P, they were huge for me. So kind of you to take the time. For those who don't know, I'm now onP&P - a long held dream of mine. Admittedly it was because they have dropped the invites but in my defence 2 great persons had promised me their invite codes.
    you can see me on

    As for this project, yes it will be there once finished but there's a long way yet.
    Below is the latest, im not happy with the entrails and willer work them. Skin finished though.
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