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    I was browsing through the shop looking for stuff to buy when it became obvious that anything with boobs was out of stock. Are there that many pervs here? There's nothing left for me! But seriously...I realize this site is mainly for gamers and most of the figs are 28 - 32 mm, but I was looking for 36 - 40mm figs, or 1/48. Fantasy or historical or sci-fi. Or little naked ladies. Anybody have any suggestions?

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    - Well, there are the hasslefree minis (40mm Artemis, 40mm unarmored kalee, Mary (54mm) and some of the demon / humans in 28mm) that you could try
    - altough not completely naked you can't really go wrong with KingdomDeath pinups.
    - while pinups... andrea miniatures (Milosh paints a lot of them)
    - If you don't mind anime figures in 1/6, then is a good resource of figures.

    and of course there are a LOT of smaller companies where you can find what you are looking for (likely not available through the CMON store)

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    Actually, I had my eye on some of those KingdomDeath minis. Even though they're smaller than I would like, they look really excellent...especially the girl hiding behind the wall - 'Beyond the Wall', is it called? Unfortunately this line is mostly out of stock. I hope there is a restock in the near future! I've done the odd Andrea fig, but for female subjects a sculptor for Pegasus is much better

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