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    Hello Comrades! I have reached that part of the hobby cycle again, where I must emerge from the isolated dungeon lair and expose my preposterous heap of semi-finished projects to you, my fearless fellow figure fiends, in the hopes of getting some of that sweet fresh idea juice pumping through this stale brain of mine.

    Before we get into that, however, I would like to share a few recent projects that are finished (or "finished"). I posted these a few days ago here on CMON and got some good input, but of course I'm hoping to get some more votes before they get old... Here we go:


    Old unpainted version:

    This is 100% scratchmade with sculpey and magic sculpt resin epoxy. Like I explained in the description, it went through a number of phases before I settled on the current weapon and finally got around to painting it. Here is a picture of the right arm's previous incarnations:

    I'd appreciate any feedback on this guy... I know I need to spice the base up a bit from the current purple moon rock effect, but I am not sure what general color scheme to go with that would compliment the figure's pallid color scheme and also not take focus away from his glowing eye. Any suggestions?

    I will be back soon with more .. Thanks for looking!

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    Whoa nice work, love the final version!
    Great sculping, it's hard enough to fix mini's that have mould errors let alone make something from scratch. I admire your skill.

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    Impressive sculpting!
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    Wow, that is nice!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Hey guys, thanks!
    I have a couple more things to share before the actual project log commences..

    This guy needs a little more work, like usual I was really lazy on the base. I have a plan to make some glowing fissures on the base so the ground looks like it's only a fragile veneer above a hellish underworld. Other than that, I will probably try to make the orange a little brighter and dynamic in some areas where it is looking a little flat. Any other suggestions or fresh perspectives would be most helpful.

    Here are his minions:




    I started getting back into the hobby some months back on the strength of the DV chaos models, and decided I was going to need a simple color scheme to avoid getting overwhelmed, and I chose the greyscale zenith effect with orange glow accents initially, but after seeing my models on the field I decided that my priorities had to be getting them a lot more colorful, and finishing them so I could spray varnish to protect them. So then I kind of got red underglow "fever" and then based them pretty simply to get to where I could put on the varnish and finally have some dudes that were actually done, for once!

    But, as some have pointed out, the models would benefit from basing that involved something for the conspicuous red glow to be eminating from. I'm applying the charred fissures to the bases of other unfinished models in the army, such as the heldrake:

    Hopefully when all my models are in the same place the effect of the glowing broken ground will make the bases with no fissures look less suspicious.

    More to come!

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    Here's some more stuff

    These are next up for some paint
    Zombie and chaos spawns are sculpted from scratch
    I think I am going to completely redo the spawns' paint, the lavender skin is not really doing it for me as much as on the helbrute.
    For the zombie I have a few different ideas, but that's ok since I made a mold and cast a bunch more, and a few of those even have all 5 fingers left!
    Here are some more guys I have poured time into and never finished:

    3 Obliterators for my CSM.. mostly sculpted except some details and, of course, they need faces.
    The guy to their right is gonna end up as a palanquin of nurgle with a magnetic CSM lord AND... Daemonic herald of nurgle, for my half-finished daemons army (more to come)... anyway he is made out of basically chaos warshrine and chariot parts. I have a whole bunch of nurglings saved up to be cavorting around him on the base.

    These are some more troops and Icon bearers for the CSM, and on the right we have a dark apostle, converted from the DV chosen champion, a sorcerer converted from the DV lord (which is really indistinct in this picture, I will get a better shot of him soon), behind him is a stock fabius bile, some Abbadon wannabe, and Typhus who needs some attention as well.
    And below all that is a glimpse of some guys from my... unfinished dark eldar army. (more to come)

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