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Thread: Ron & Bones at CMON?

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    Default Ron & Bones at CMON?

    Hello together,

    in some old threads I read that CMON owns the brand from the Ron & Bones game. Would this be a good kickstarter project? I think next to freebooters fate there is no real alternative for a pirate skirmish game and the minis are great (I don`t like the freebooters setting with its orks and goblins).

    Are there any news or is there no hope for a relaunch?

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    Have a look at black scorpion they have a pirates game.
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    Mhhh, so it seems there is no hope for a re-edition?

    I noticed that Tales of War released some downloadable scenarios so called stages. Sadly the link isnt working anymore.

    Does anyone have those pdf Files and could upload them or send me a pm?

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    i heard rumors that there may be something coming....but we all know how rumors are...

    keep your fingers crossed.
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    Come to expo, we might have a pleasant surprise for you

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    I live in I dont think I can get there...but the date is saved.

    But it is nice to hear that there is "something going on" with "R&B".

    I would be glad if someone could report from the Expo.

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