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    Thanks paintingpauper and Derek! I did this Quick board today to put in front of the castle, now i need to add grass to both of them and im pretty nervous of screwing something up to be honest.

    Name:  spidermine_goritsi101.jpg
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    Name:  spidermine_goritsi102.jpg
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    Name:  spidermine_goritsi103.jpg
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    Excellent! Grass is simple (assuming you're using just simple static grass). All you need to do is put some thinned down PVA/white glue/elmers into a spray bottle in the spots where you want it, shake up the grass and then sprinkle it down.

    Looks great!!
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    It's enthusiasts like you Spdermine that build the community, excellent work!

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    It is really cool what you did, I hope to see more. :-)

    I want to start soon with a tower and few ruins for terrain.

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    Looks amazing keep up the great work.

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    Wow. Impressive and inspiring!

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    I think it's horrible. It's so bad, I think the only resolution is to send it to me to dispose of it properly for you...

    Right on my game table!

    Very well done Spidermine, very well done.
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