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    Default Couple of things you may like

    While we wait for Wave 2 , just a couple of things people might want to take a look at.

    First up, War of the Worlds- Goliath,a steampunk inspred anime about a second Martian Invasion in 1914. A little cliched and the characters are terrible stereotypes, but the design and action scemes make up for that, well worth a watch.

    The other is another KS, Heavy Steam - sort of Rivets Wars goes "titan". Looks to have decent game mechanics and some nice miniatures to go with it. Certainly got me thinking about possible crossovers pieces for RW. Reasonable buy in, with what looks like a conservative approach that should deliver on time (Feb 2015). Might be worth a look if you need to think of supporting a new project.

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    Been backing heavy steam since day one, be a real shame if it doesn't fund as it looks very nice!

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    If you're into steam and alternate history, check out Leviathans. Fun game I wish had more following. Alternate history in which the discovery of a chemical compound that generates great lifting force when high voltage is applied to it, at the dawn of dreadnaught class naval ships leads to flying battleships.

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    Damn it Crazyjuan, been trying to dodge the bullet on that once for a while seeing as I'm the main buyer of games in our little group and I tend to like complete collections. On further inspection online looks like my pockets are now a little lighter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    Damn it Crazyjuan, been trying to dodge the bullet on that once for a while seeing as I'm the main buyer of games in our little group and I tend to like complete collections. On further inspection online looks like my pockets are now a little lighter!
    I like that youre interested but I want to caution you, development of the game is very slow by comparison to Rivet Wars. At least in regards to waht you can actually get at retail, Its kinda stalled in production. The DO however release alot of rules/units and fiction and stuff via PDF.

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    I checked the website out before I purchased, along with several reviews and that is the general consensus I picked up but tbh it's just another game in my huge collection of games that will probably be played once before gathering dust for many months. There is a lot to be said for having only a small, often played collection, the hardest decision every gaming night for our little gang is deciding what to bloody play! Of course, It's then down to me to have to quickly brush up on the rules and then try and convey them to the rest of the team in only a few hours while still trying to enjoy the game this sh*t supposed to be relaxing???

    This is actually one of the things I enjoy about Rivet Wars, it slides into that rare category of games that while amazingly simple to learn and play contain hidden layers of strategy that only unfold as the game progresses and I love an old work out for the brainpan!

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    Cheers then and clear skies to you, capt. Just wanted to give full disclosure

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    I thought it would be good to post this here:

    A preview of a WW1 computer/adventure game called Valiant Knights, the art work looks amazing;
    but I may cry if the dog doesnt make it to the end
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    that game looks pretty awesome. love the art work.

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    They look brilliant!

    LOL, haven't even played Leviathans yet (read the instructions however and looks very good)! Have already started work on building some aircraft carriers and little biplanes for some house rules <rolls eyes>

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    @willy c - Heavy Steam looks really cool. The cross section art of the mechs is stunning! And I picked up a copy of that movie off of amazon. Can't tell if the story will be any good but I'm a sucker for anything with mechs in it.

    @crazyjuan, never tried leviathans but always thought it looked really good. They really nailed that victorian style air war theme.

    @Decar, that game looks really nice. Great style and feel to it. Every good WWI type game needs war dogs

    I'd recommend checking out an anime film from a while back called Memories. Here's a link to the section of the film I enjoy the most. I know this film has been a big influence on me. (spanish?) I got it on dvd years ago in english so it might still be available.

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    I think I need to find an English version of Memories, I've only glanced at it but it looks pretty special.

    For some reason, it reminded me of this - Wunderwerk:

    I was also lucky enough to play: 'The Duke' - which has a very good Print to Play version on their website; I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a 2-player Abstract Strategy (No Dice Rolling sorry!); I thought it was more fluid than Chess, but had more structure than Go - well worth a quick look.
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    Couple of things:

    An article about the Leviathans's struggles:

    Early Review of Valiant Hearts [Which I called Valiant Knights before for some reason], it's out tomorrow I may pick it up:
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    I went ahead and bought Valiant Hearts for PS4 last night. I'm about 30 minutes into the game. It's got great style and fun animation. Heart in the name really fits because the game (so far) is more about what war does to the people and not so much about "kill everything" like most war games are.

    I'm really liking it so far, and for $15 its a steal.

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    I want to buy it for the PS3 or XBox at the moment.
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    Here's some more totally unrelated/related things:

    Steampunk Lego

    Just Robots
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    Me again:

    with the ruska army coming I thought it would be worth sharing a link to a site that has a huge array of soviet propaganda posters:
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    Found this new series you can sign up for in the name of 'learning', all about the impact of WW1 Aviation:

    knew you guys would be interested!

    Interesting Read about Kickstarter projects:
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    Another link:

    WW1 28mm Tanks and such - 24 days to go:
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    I've not updated this for a while, I saw this game kickstarter and thought I'd share it.

    Those of you who like RPG-tactics computer games might be interested.
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