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    Default painting competition blunder!

    I am a new painter, And Rivet wars is my first Miniatures game. I put so many hours painting my rocket cycle. I was getting so excited to enter the competition. on the last day, I was ready. I just had to file my taxes first. Then, I would post my proud creation to the competition. So finally I post it. It doesn't let me. I try again. No success. I read the rules of the competition. I was sure the deadline was April 30. and it is still 11:30 MST. To my horror, I realise it is due Eastern Standard Time. I am 2 hours too late! oh well. here is to lessons learned the hard way. I post my pic on the forum anyways so you all can at least see it, even though I cannot enter the competition.
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    nice work. I love the little details people do differently, like the blue and white stripes on yours. sucks you missed the comp though. is this the only one you've painted so far? make sure you post pictures of the rest of your armies

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    I love that you can see the terrain reflected in his goggles!

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    Noooooo! Sorry you missed that but glad you posted your model and welcome to the forums! I love the grass and terrain on the base. Nice details.

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    Hey thanks for the great replies guys. I have to give some credit to biggls for posting his paint schemes. I used the same greens he used on his ostrich. But his stuff is done so well. I'll still be voting on all the great jobs in the competition.

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    I am bummed that I missed this but I got a part in a play at a cool community theater. I have never done a main stage play before so I didn't think I would. But anyway it killed my time for working on my entry (diorama) complete with a full poem for the occasion!

    So Ted, when is the next competiton?

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    The terrain in the goggles is cool. Next he should do the pointy end of a tank shell headed straight for him!

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    Thanks! That would be cool, I gotta work on my painting skills for that

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    When was the deadline? All I see is "The submission period for entering models will last until 30 April 2014."
    And then later on it says "Pictures of the finished model/miniature must be submitted No Later Than 30 April 2014 Eastern Standard Time."

    I'd imagine that means you can enter until midnight EST today.
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