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    I may have missed it but I had assumed that Active Player (thus the player that rolls the tie breaker die) was the player taking the action but it has been stated elsewhere that the active player is always the player current taking their turn no matter who is taking the action. Can we get confirmation on this?

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    Josh the person who is going to answer this question has already answered you on BGG. Thiago is one of the playtesters and IIRC is apart of the CMON team, so the answer over there stands.

    Also you can review page 14 for more reference of reactions and active figures.
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    That just seems really awkward...

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    It encourages players to take action on their turn instead of turtling. It also adds another element to the bluffing the other player out.

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    Being the one who rolls the Tiebreaker die is a small advantage, but an advantage nonetheless. It's simply that it always belong to the player whose turn it is, nothing more. So all players can always count on having that slight edge on the actions and reactions that take place during their turn.

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