Gifted Artists,

Hi there! I plan on attending Lock and Load '14 in Bellevue. Washington this summer. I don't have experience with any PP miniatures, and I have never played any of the games. So I'd like to use this thread for 2 purposes. #1 I would like to hear what ideas you all have for this competition. What would you enter? #2 As ideas occur to me I will post them here for feedback. Here are the rules:

Right now, I am sort if partial to making a Caster with a couple henchmen in a vignette of some sorts. In exploring these minis I think they are absolutely beautiful and have a lot if potential. I don't think I will include a WarJack as I do not have a lot of XP with tanks and such, though I admire this craft. I consider myself a beginner painter entering the intermediate level.