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    Default One Page 40k

    Hello everyone, today i come to present you One Page 40k!

    What is One Page 40k?

    One page 40k is a single-page ruleset that you can play with your warhammer 40k miniatures. It serves as a great introduction to 40k for beginners, and as a way to play quick and easy games for veterans.

    As of right now we have the core rules done, there are army lists and units for ALL armies, there are campaign rules and we released some armies made by the fans. We also have a couple other games already released such as Kill Team and Grimdark Racing, and we are working on much more!


    What do you think?
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    Hello everyone, today we bring you a fairly juicy update from One Page Rules.

    Fist off we have updated our 40k and Kill Team rules. We have added a bunch of units and upgrades, and we fixed a couple exploits. We have also added 3 fan armies submitted by you guys, so that you can play with you Warpath and Inquisition miniatures. You can download them here:

    Then we have finished up the first drafts of our Campaigns supplements, however they are still undergoing a lot of testing, so they can be found in the WIP section here:

    We have also decided to open a forum after getting a ton of e-mails, which you can find here:

    Finally we have been working on some exciting new projects such as our modular papercraft terrain and a space battles game. We are always looking for talented artists and designers who want to help out, so don't hesistate to contact us if you want to help at

    Next up we are going to focus on releasing the core rules for Fantasy, but more on that when it's ready... enjoy!

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    Today we bring you a small but exciting new game: Grimdark Racing!

    Grimdark Racing is a racing game inspired by mario kart and crash team racing which allows you to play with up to 8 friends, challenging them to a deadly race.

    So get your awesome vehicle conversions together, create some crazy tracks, and have fun:

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    Hey everyone, today is a bit of a special day.

    After exactly two months of being online, OPR has just reached over 6.000 downloads and so we were thinking of getting back to the community in some way for all the support.

    Right now we are thinking of making some sort of small show in podcast or vlog format (weekly? monthly?), where i and other artists/designers talk about the state of wargaming and answer your questions (20-30min long).

    In order to do this we need to see if there is enough interested to make this worth everybody’s while. If we gather at least 50 subscribers on our channel we will start working on getting the videos out. Of course the more people are interested and the more subscribers we get, the more effort we will put in having the videos come out as often as possible, maybe even get other wargaming people on board.

    So, if you or anyone you know would be interested in making this happen, then subscribe to our youtube channel here:

    Thanks for the support and happy wargaming!

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    Hey guys,

    today we are updating our 40k and Kill Team systems to a new version which completely re-designs how psykers and psychic abilities work. We decided to expand on the psychic portion of the game, allowing you to upgrade your mastery and pick whichever powers you want. In addition to that we added advanced rules for denying the witch and perils of the warp, just to give psychic combat a little more spice.

    Here are the latest rules, enjoy!
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    Today we are excited to bring you our latest release: Deathball.

    Deathball is a brutal sports game set in the warhammer world (40k/Fantasy) that provides a fast moving and action packed experience. Take the role of the coach, assemble your team, and break the opposing players in half!

    You can find the rules here:

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    After many delays due to its sheer length and issues with the cover art we have decided to not make you wait any longer, and so we are releasing One Page Fantasy!

    One Page Fantasy uses an alternating phases system which creates epic regimental battles and allows for deep tactical choices, and is built to play great even at smaller scales, needing no more than a battalion box to start.

    You can find the rules here:

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    As some of you may know, we have been working toward updating all of our core system to 2nd edition for a while, and it shall probably take a few more months before we roll them all out. Fear not however, because today we bring you something completely different: Hammer Wars!

    Hammer Wars is the first in a series of system-agnostic games that we are going to release over the coming months. Basically these are games designed to be played with any miniatures you have, regardless of manufacturer.

    Today’s release is a small-scale miniatures wargame inspired by RTS video games. In an alternate universe where battleships from the 41st millennium have crashed on the warhammer world, get ready to fight where fantasy meets sci-fi!

    You can find the rules here:

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    Hello everyone,

    it's been a while since we updated 1p40k and today we got big news. We are releasing the 2nd edition of 1p40k, with updates to all rules, advanced rules, armies and to our campaign system. The list of changes and updates is far too big to cover it here, so just take a look at it yourself!

    You can download the rules here:

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    Thanks for these rules... I will give them a try in the next week or so.... I've been looking for something like this for a long time to let my son experience 40k

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    Hello everyone,

    We are proud to announce the release of our newest game: Army Men Combat!

    Army Men Combat is the second in a series of system-agnostic games that we have been releasing (the first being Hammer Wars), which are basically games designed to be played with any miniatures you have, regardless of manufacturer.

    Today’s game is a throwback to 1st edition 1p40k and its mechanics. The game is fast and fun, and as always fits on a single page. Whilst when this idea first popped in my head i thought of it as a game played with green army men, this system works well with almost any miniatures, from ww2 to modern to sci-fi and more!

    The whole team at OPR wishes you happy holidays, and we’ll be back early next year with some exciting new releases!

    You can find the rules here:

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    As announced in our early 2015 release schedule post ( today we are updating 1p40k to v2.5!

    This latest release features lots of little tweaks to the rules and layout, making the game even more compact, balanced and fun. You can find the latest post which describes some of the changes on our blog (, and you can find the rules here:

    Happy Wargaming!

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    Have you been enjoying the new version of 1p40k?

    Well here is a new version of 1pKT! This new version of the game was streamlined to be even faster and more exciting than before, without some of the clumsy mechanics that the old one used to have.

    Kill Team is perfect if you have a handful of miniatures on your hand and you want to just have a quick and fun game, or introduce new players to the hobby. Check it out!

    You can find the rules here:

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    Hi Everyone,

    Today we are posting a new update for Army Men Combat, which adds a lot of unit variety and flyer rules. We have also cleaned up the core rules and introduced a new activation system, which should make things even more fun!

    Army Men Combat can be used as an alternative to the GW rules to play fast and simple games using your 40k miniatures. This update introduces flyer rules for the first time in one of our system, and should serve as a sneak preview of how we are intending to handle flyers in 1p40k sometime in the future.

    Get the game here:

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    Hello everyone,

    In this latest update we are introducing the 1p40k Beginner's Guide, which is a step-by-step guide to playing miniature wargames for novice players.

    Today we are also celebrating OPR's one year anniversary. We have written up a little re-cap of how OPR got started, and have put together a series of interesting stats on our progress in this past year for you.

    Read the update here:

    Happy Wargaming!

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    Hi everyone, Today we are excited to release the final ruleset in our series of system-agnostic games: WarStuff.

    WarStuff is a skirmish wargame that you can play with anything you like. You can have space nazis fight plastic dinosaurs, superman battle against space marines, or even just see your candy-bars duke it out, anything goes!

    Download WarStuff here:

    Happy Wargaming!

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    Hello everyone,

    First off, it seems that between all the recent stuff that has been going on we have missed a few of the new units that have been released with the end times. We have gone through the releases and are now adding 4 new units to 1pFB/FS.

    Next up, we now have an official Roll20 campaign which you can use to play with your friends and the OPR team, or to challenge a fellow one-page-fan to a match!

    Roll20 is a virtual tabletop which you can use to play tabletop games online through your browser. It doesn’t require you to download or install anything, and it is completely free to use. We use it all the time to test new games or just have some fun, and it is a simple system you can pick up after playing one or two games.

    Join the OPR Playroom:

    Happy Wargaming!

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    Hi guys,

    Today we are excited to bring you a new army and a ton of new units for 1p40k. We noticed we had been missing some of the newer releases, so this update makes up for it and then some. The biggest addition is the new Harlequins as a standalone faction, but there are also some new units for the Tyranids and updates to some of the already existing units.

    Get the update here:

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    Hello everyone,

    With the latest patch we are moving the Dark Angels from the Fan Armybook into the Main Rulebook, and we are adding the Blood Angels and Space Wolves factions to the games. These armies come with all new units, equipment, special rules and psychic powers, so that you can enjoy your space marine chapter to the fullest.

    Check out the update here:

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    Hi everybody,

    Now that GW has rolled out the second wave of admech miniatures we are happy to announce the release of the Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40k and 1pKT!

    Check out the update here:

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