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    Default Contest #2 (NASIER)

    From the WoK Facebook:

    KENSEI YONZON won the pictured Hadross Resin Set, which included the following:

    12x Resin Deepmen
    2x Deep Caller
    1x Tovosh the Bannerman.

    But that is not all I have to give away, kiddies! So let's begin our next game:

    TO WIN THE FOLLOWING *NASIER* SET, which includes the following:

    12x Ashmen
    1x Rathor
    1x Longhorn
    1x Alyana Heska
    1x Elsis Tagil
    1x Bloodchild

    I want to see WHY NASIER IS YOUR FAVORITE FACTION... And for some added fun, why not, ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN HAIKU FORM.

    Winner will be chosen tomorrow, dear players! Until then!

    And since I'm nice, forum posts count too ;P

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    Might as well give it a shot


    two warriors face
    calm followed by swift motion
    blood squirts then one falls


    Must say that was fun .

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    Red masks, grey robes.
    what they hide? Pelegarth?
    Only Hadross know.

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    Smoldering strike hit!
    Put your pig in the graveyard
    Nasier wins again!

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    Already have my own Nasier force coming in, but this seems fun.

    Fantastic masks worn,
    Unstoppable aggression,
    Sword raised, foes tremble.
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    Strike with deadly force
    Blood flows with the autumn leaves
    Nasier stands alone

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    The sacred mask burns
    The blade sings a chilling song
    Ash upon the wind

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    Nice! Great fun, I'll bite.

    Lacquered masks binding,
    Primordial might subsumed.
    Our conquest, sanguine.

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    Lava flowing force
    Held back only by faint flesh
    Mask'd power too great!
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    Elsis Tagil Wails
    Alyana Heska Leads
    The Bloodchild Slaughters

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    Let's give this a shot.

    Eldest son rejoice
    Bound ancient foes into masks
    Empty throne awaits

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    Honor in Duty
    Discipline born of passion
    Victory in strength

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    Quote Originally Posted by ender_101 View Post
    the sacred mask burns
    the blade sings a chilling song
    ash upon the wind

    we have a winner! Ender_101 congrats, as voted by our writing staff you've just won the nasier lot! Whoooo!

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    WOOT! Congrats Ender_101!!!
    Throne of Angels

    Are you WATCHING?

    AKA - AngelicOne

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    Go ender. Grats!
    Enjoy your spoils!!!
    you lucky SOB

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    This is awesome, I hadn't expected that at all. Great little surprise for the end of the day. I'm glad everyone enjoyed my soujourn into Haiku.

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    Very nice, much deserved...

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    Just got home and a special box was waiting for me!

    I'll have to takes pics and stuff.

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