using wh40 as Proxys for warmahordes
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Thread: using wh40 as Proxys for warmahordes

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    Default using wh40 as Proxys for warmahordes

    So i have a huge tyranid swarm and some slaanes, tzench and khorne daemons and was wondering what can i use to proxy for getting started into warmachine/hordes... my first guess is that legion of everblight may be the first choice am I right?

    If this is the case i have some questions, how big are the monsters in warmachine? are those carnifex size or more tyranid warrior size?

    Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    if you proxy, then the faction won't matter, you can use them for menoth if you want.

    as for size: a carnifex is about the size of the larger warjacks / monsters. Light ones are maybe the size of a warrior. gaunts and such can stand in for a proxy for infantry.

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    Note that warhammer small bases are a tiny bit smaller than warmachine so that aoe might actually be hitting that gaunt.

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    Another note is that Privateer Press recently updated their conversion policy and for the most part if you have any distinguishable Warhammer parts that they will likely not be tournament legal. If you are only playing in local tourneys its not a big deal if your store doesn't care but once you wonder to other metas it is up to the TOs there and of course any Privateer Press sponsored event the models would likely be unusable.

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